Owlita Feather Jewelry and Earrings

{YBA} Something about big earrings always draws me like the butterfly towards the flame. I love big, enormous earrings! I also wish I could wear them safely instead of having a toddler hanging on each of my precious big earrings if ever I dare the devil and wear some.

Siouxsie, Pat, and Joan. Your adolescent idols continue to rock hard while looking good. Shouldn’t you? Heck, you’ve still got your charms. No? Try these from Owlita — a name chosen by designer Ashley Doty’s roommate for her future baby, which she bestowed on the jewelry line in exchange for a pair of earrings.

Doty makes the stunners in her Southeast Portland studio by hand, using Oregon feathers and Washington gold hardware. Lengths range from eight-inch shoulder grazers to gangly fourteen-inch clusters that blend beautifully with long locks or stand out with a short do.

Choose from naturally hued pheasant, rooster, peacock, or Lady Amherst bound in leather. Or mix things up with punkier colors reminiscent of your youth.

I desperately need myself an impossibly big pair of earrings and I think these Owlita feathered earrings could do just the trick!

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