Lovely & Horrible Days in My Life – New Funny Exam SMS

Everyone has to go through the experience of giving examination in his life.

We have a very nice collection of some interesting, beautiful and unique exam sms for friends text messages here. Let’s have a look at these latest collection in detail.

1. New Exam Rules

Cricket is getting excited day by day with the introduction of ICL n T20…
Same rules should be applied in Exams!

(1) Exams Timing Should Be Reduced To One Hour.
(2) Power Play – No Invigilator In Exam Hall For 1st 15 mins.
(3) Cheer Leaders – To Dance After Every Right Answer Written.
(4) Strategic Time-Out – Time For Students For Discussion.
(5) Super Over – Chance For Students To Form Their Own Question

2. Exam Offer

Exam offer!!!!!!
bring a chit on exam day,
scratch and show it to your nearest “professor”
win free trip to principals office,
and enjoy 3 years vacation at home.

3. A Student Grabbed A Coin

A student grabbed a coin,

Flipped it in the air & said,
“Head, I go to sleep.”

Tail, I watch a movie.

If it stands on the edge I’ll study

4. This is a Time To Recap

This is a time to recap
on the past years knowledge.
But just remember do it,
in a relaxed unstressful manner,
only in this manner you will be able,
to instruct your subconscious mind
to bring forward the knowledge,
inbedded in your mind.
Just do you share
and God will do His share
to guide you through this Stressful time.
I wish you all the best for the exams
and have enough faith in you
that you will not dissapoint yourself
but be joyfull of the success that are awaiting you.

5. Team Work

Our education system
does not teach us team work,
When we solve our tests
in collaboration with others,
they call it “coping”

“Foolish people”

6. Exam is Just for a Short Period

Exam is just for a short period,
But it requires efforts of many days and months,
These days involve:
The journey of
And sleepless nights.

7. Exam is a Way

Exam is a way by crossing which,
A student enters into
New world of studies,
Experience and also
New world of friends.

8. Lovely & Horrible Days in My Life

Lovely days in my life :
Childhood days,
School days
collage days,

Horrible days in my life :
“only exam days”

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