All About Aquarius Tattoo Designs

The Aquarius tattoo can be a powerful symbol for those who are born under this astrological sign. A person born under the sign of Aquarius has a number of different symbols available to him that can be easily woven into any Aquarius tattoo design. One of the most prominent of these symbols is the water-bearer which is usually represented by a young woman pouring water from a pitcher or a young man carrying two pitchers balanced on the ends of a long pole.

But the glyph of this sign is not the only element that can be worked into an Aquarius tattoo design. I have seen many Aquarius tattoos that feature only a pitcher or waves that are represented by three wavy lines. I have also seen a number of Aquarius tattoos that feature this signs ruling planet, Uranus. Of course, this is only a small sampling of what can be done with this design and the possibilities are almost endless.

Color choice is another important consideration to make when choosing an Aquarius tattoo design. Since this sign is symbolized by water, many people choose to have their tattoo done in various shades of green or blue. I have also seen many great Aquarius tattoos that feature other aquatic animals such as fish, dolphins or starfish. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Aquarius Tattoos, Designs and Ideas

Those with the birth sign Aquarius are born during the dates January 21st to February 19th according to the horoscope. The Aquarius is known to be intelligent, unconventional, detached, unique and cause oriented. They are usually humanitarians and highly involved in social causes. They are also known to be rebels. All of these facets of their personality would most likely play a part in the design of Aquarius tattoos.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer and this is a popular image to incorporate into an Aquarius tattoo design. A male Aquarius would most likely represent themselves with a strong young man holding a large jug and spilling water onto the ground. Likewise the Aquarius tattoo for a woman would feature a young and beautiful woman in a pool or ocean scene spilling water from a jug for a feminine tattoo design. Sometimes Aquarius tattoos will simply feature an ornate water jug spilling water.

Because Aquarius are usually highly involved in causes it would not be surprising to see what they believe in playing a part in their tattoo designs. A tattoo featuring the symbol for Aquarius, two wavy lines portraying water, as well as something portraying saving the planet, for instance would be most expressive.

Whatever Aquarius tattoos the Aquarius would choose to represent their star sign it would be most likely thought out and very expressive of what was most important to them.

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