Breathtaking Phoenix Tattoo Designs For Women

In today’s day and age, most women and girls have great looking tattoos and the popularity of tattoos in women is continuing to increase every single day. One probable reason is celebrity endorsements. It’s ordinary to see many female celebrities with tattoos and that is considered fashion these days.

A phoenix is the legendary mythological bird of fire, which is very popular as a rebirth and resurrection symbol. The original meaning of phoenix in Greek is ‘palm tree’. There are many stories attached to this bird in Greek and Roman empires, ancient Middle East, India and China. It is said to be an extraordinary long living bird, which is also known for its beauty and luxuriant plumage. The bird is said to live for more than 500 years. A Jewish legend has it that the bird has a long life as it refused to eat the forbidden fruit of paradise.

Phoenix Tattoo for Young Girls

Phoenix Tattoo for College Girls

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Latest Phoenix Tattoo Trend

Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix Tattoo for Arm

Phoenix Tattoo for Back

Phoenix Tattoo for Shoulder

Phoenix Tattoo for Women

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Phoenix Tattoo

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo for Girls

Phoenix Tattoo for Feet

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