All About Wings Tattoo Designs

The wing tattoo is one that embodies several different symbolic meanings. Wings are often representative of flight or leaving the corporal bonds of mortality in favor of a spiritual life. But, wing tattoos can also represent peace, love, and the link between earth and sky and between the human and the divine. They are also symbols of transcendence and liberation. Wings are associated with creatures such as dragons, griffins, winged horses, and with the more delicate world of fairies. Therefore there is often a magical quality implied in the use of wing tattoos.

So, these tattoos can portray a transformational, and sometimes mystical quality about the wearers who choose this design. Combining wings with traditional symbols of love, such as the heart, is currently one of the most popular designs of all time. This combination of motifs have been used for thousands of years and was often used as a symbol by warriors in various traditions to signify that they have earned their valor through personal accomplishment or battle. A modern example of this tradition can be seen in the Harley Davidson logo which symbolizes pride and independence. As a result the wing motif is especially popular among motorcycle riders.

Wings Tattoo Designs and Meanings:

Wings are the power of flight, both in nature and in machinery. Therefore, it follows on that wings tattoos are a symbol of freedom, and being able to get away. It has always been the human dream to be able to fly hence the wings symbolize this desire, and provide for an artificial way of achieving the impossible.

If we go deeper in to this, wings hold an intensely emotional meaning. Perhaps the reason some people choose to tattoo wings on them is because of a emotional roller coaster ride in the past, and a symbol of how they were able to break free from a destructive pattern and turn their life in to something more fulfilling.

For those who enjoy mystery and magic, wings represent the ultimate power being able to withdraw from a battle scene, or move around in any direction at any time. Once again, the deeper meanings are at play here – perhaps granting the tattooed person the feeling of knowing that this is the closest they will ever get to having wings.

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