Beat the Summer Heat: 5 Makeup Must-Haves

The summer heat is back! What’s more, experts are saying it’s going to get warmer than ever. If staying pretty under the sun was challenging before, it might get even harder now. Thankfully, we know some helpful products to help you look good under the harsh summer sun.

For the most part, we limited our selection to things you can easily order online (websites like offer good deals). Here are just 5 of the most vital summer must-haves to help you beat the heat:

1. Sunscreen

Let’s start with the most important one-sunscreen. With even minute amounts of sunlight doing irreparable skin damage, you’re going to need all the protection you can get.

Hence, before you head out, make sure to apply a healthy dose of sunscreen on your body. This offers a helpful combination of protection from UV rays and even some moisturizing benefits.

But how strong should your sunscreen be? One with SPF 30 is enough for everyday use. However, you should make sure to choose a higher SPF if you’re planning to stay longer out in the sun.

2. Moisturizer

Even if you’re not going out, you should protect your skin with a layer of much-needed moisture. Remember that high levels of humidity can leave your skin dry and wrinkly.

Thankfully, moisturizers provide vital nutrients and lipids that keep moisture levels up. Hence, applying some moisturizer can instantly improve how your skin looks and feels. This can also give you some relief from the unrelenting heat.

If you want to further maximize their benefits, apply them right after you shower. Because your pores are open right after you bathe, moisturizers will more easily and deeply penetrate your skin at this time.

3. Skin Tint

On hot and sticky days, you should leave your powder foundation at home.  Powder makeup tends to be heavier and harder to control. Worse, they can dry your skin and also tend to cake more easily.

In contrast, a skin tint has lighter coverage but is easy to build up. Plus, it also provides a protective layer that helps retain your skin’s moisture.

Most importantly, using skin tints let you adjust your coverage with ease. Aside from being easier to apply, it can also be mixed with moisturizers to make the formula lighter before applying to your skin.

4. Lip Liner

Wearing full lipstick in the summer heat is unwise. Aside from being harder to maintain, lipsticks are also prone to getting smudged off under intense heat. Instead, you should go for one of the most commonly underestimated cosmetics: lip liners.

Lip liners are a no-fuss way to achieve a lovely matte look that fares exceptionally well during summer. This is especially true for tinted pencils. Though they’re not totally dry, their formula contains less moisture. This means they won’t smudge or melt easily when subjected to high temperatures.

5. Eyeliner

Lastly, one of the handiest summer essentials you can have is a melt-proof eyeliner. Eyeliners are highly versatile and can be used with any look. However, some kinds can look messy when paired with moisture or heat.

For better longevity, you’d want waterproof gel or liquid eyeliners. These are directly applied with little fuss and aren’t easily washed away by sweat. Admittedly, this makes them harder to clean off. But you can always get oil-based makeup remover to get the job done.

With the smoldering summer months upon us, your makeup kit might need a much-needed update. Before the heat starts to settle in, check to see if there’s anything missing from your bag.

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