Beautiful Examples Of Elephant Tattoo Designs

Although not terribly common, elephant tattoos have a certain novel beauty and charm that makes them special. They also have a good deal of symbolism to back them up; wisdom, nobility, and of course, strength are some most obvious characteristic; however, elephants are also seen to be a charm for luck and good fortune.

Elephants are highly revered in India. For them, elephants represent divinity and kindness of spirit. Ganesh, an Indian God is even depicted as having the head of an elephant. During Hindu rituals, elephants pose as prominent parts of the occasion. They are usually bathed and massaged with special oils in accordance with rituals.

Elephants were seen as the symbols of rulers, kings, emperors because of their majestic size and power. They were even used in battle, they were nearly impossible to truly control and manipulate. Because this they were mainly a psychological weapon against enemies who had never seen them before. An example of this is when Hannibal marched his troops into Rome atop elephants, the Roman legionnaires believed they were facing monsters.

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