Clown Tattoo Latest Design For 2011

Clowns are happy, funny and humorous and are a symbol of just that, but today, clowns are often portrayed in contrast to their original purpose, today they are often portrayed as evil, scary, crazy or sad. Clown tattoo designs could  be perceived as a form of mockery.

One of the most common symbols for merriment are clowns. A favorite for both genders, the clown is usually shown with a happy smile pasted on its face. The original pattern for the modern clown tattoo is the jester which is also the symbol portrayed on the Joker card. During the time of kings and queens, the jester’s role is to entertain the people of the court. Because it resembles happiness, clowns are often inked in different colors, infusing the lively factor that it is famous for.

Clown Tattoo Design For Men

Clown Tattoo Design

Clown Tattoo for 2011

Clown Tattoo for Men

Clown Tattoo Latest Trend

Clown Tattoo on Back

Clown Tattoo on Shoulder

Clown Tattoo

Latest Clown Tattoo Style

Clown Tattoo New Style

Clown Tattoo on Leg

Latest Clown Tattoo Design

Clown Tattoo on Arm

Clown Tattoo Latest Design for 2011

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