Fairy Tattoo Designs For Girls: It All About Beauty

She is beautiful and magical, she is the fairy of the forest, she is cute and cuddly, she is the fairy in your dreams. Oh this tattoo is just mesmerizing, a fairy with long golden hair wearing a purple dress with no shoes on her little feet. What a picture of beauty, a fairies tattoo like this always takes your breathe away when you see it up close and personal.

Fairy tattoos are popular with women who want a natural and sensual image. Fairies have a rich symbolic history and many of our ancestors, especially the Irish, believed in fairies. Women choose fairy tattoos because fairies are a part of the natural world and extremely beautiful. Fairies are more sensual than angels and have a more mischievous history. Often fairy tattoos are depicted with butterfly or moth wings. Fairies usually have a free and earthly tone to them. These tattoos can also depict a variety of moods such as grace/beauty, sadness, anger, mischievousness or joy.

Fairy Tattoo Design

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Best Fairy Tattoo Design

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