Useful Leg Shaving Tips For Ladies

Shaving is the most inexpensive, easiest, and convenient way to remove unwanted hair on your legs, under the arms, and around the bikini line. Unfortunately, shaving also has its drawbacks including coarse regrowth (in two or three days), irritation and cuts. There is no doubt, some of us do find shaving to be a tedious chore. Shaving does take a lot of time, and somewhere along, we pick up some bad habits such as using a dull shaving razor, rushing ourselves, or using a soap bar instead of shaving cream.

For a woman, her leg shaving routine is something that has to be done. The last thing that most women want is to have hairy legs. The problem is, a lot of women don’t know how to shave their legs properly and the end result is a red, bumpy sore leg often accompanied by razor burn.

Although some women never think twice about how far to shave, there are many women who are in constant wonder about whether they should shave more than an inch above their knees. Most young women rarely worry about shaving above their knees unless they have dark hair growth. Adult women however rarely leave any part of their leg unshaved.

It is really a personal preference decision. If you are comfortable leaving your upper leg a bit fuzzy, then by all means, you have the right to do so. Once you do begin shaving the upper area however, you may find that you are only comfortable when your entire leg is hair-free.

Leg Shaving Tips for Women:

  • Do it during or right after a warm shower so the pores that have the hair follicles are larger. Remember the barbers use warm towels for that very reason.
  • Use something to make the skin smoother, such as special shaving foam or gel or just soap bubbles.
  • Use a high-quality razor that is in good shape. It does not have to be the most expensive, but it has to be in perfect condition. Prepare your razor, by running warm or hot water before starting.
  • Before starting, comb the hair with your hand and see how the hair grows. Apply the gel or foam following the hair growth lines.
  • Follow the hair growth line when using the razor. If you do not do it you may get ingrown hairs. They look like bumps and they can be painful. Many women shave doing the exact opposite (it gives a closer shave). If it works for you, that is fine, but it is not the best method for women with sensitive skin. Also if you get frequent ingrown hair, follow our advice.
  • After shaving, rinse with colder water. You do not have to freeze but colder than the one you used in the beginning of your shower.
  • Preferably, you should use some cream without fragrance or color after shaving. Let it dry before getting dressed.

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