Meaning Of Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Over the years, the Hawaiian flower tattoos has become increasingly popular. The Hawaiian flower tattoos are also known to be the symbolism of beauty and feminine and thus, the reason why it has become such a popular choice of tattoo design for the ladies. It comes in various sizes, colors and even different level of details. But, do you know that besides being a popular symbol of beauty, the Hawaiian flower tattoo design is also a tattoo design that has lots of meanings behind it?

One of the most popular designs amongst all Hawaiian flower tattoos is the Hibiscus flower tattoo. The hibiscus is also the state flower of the beautiful Hawaii Island. And many of the native Hawaiian tattooed the hibiscus flower to symbolize their connection with the beautiful island. And also, there are lots of tourists who love the island so much that they get a hibiscus flower tattooed on themselves too!

Hawaiian culture, like many tribal societies, identified themselves much more closely with nature than their modern counterparts. Their navigators were so in touch with the waves and currents that they could detect an island from hundreds of miles away. Their connection with the land was no different and they became well acquainted and connected with the flora of the Hawaiian Islands. A staggering array of tropical flowers can be found on the Hawaiian Islands.

The islands isolation, tropical climate, wide ranging elevation (ecosystems) and fertile volcanic soils have created one of the greatest variety and abundance of tropical flowers of any location in the world. When you consider the wide variety of flowers and the different styles of tattoo art there are endless possibilities to ensure that each Hawaiian flower tattoo is unique and meaningful.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos Meaning

Hibiscus Flower Tattoos:

The hibiscus is the most popular Hawaiian flower tattoo and one of its family members, is the yellow ma’o hau hele hisbiscus, is the state flower. Hibiscus flowers come in a variety of colors consisting of pink, white, red, yellow, green, lavender, blue, purple and orange. A hibiscus can often be seen perched behind the ear of Hawaiian women, symbolizing they are available for marriage. A hibiscus flower tattoo is more commonly seen as meaning “delicate beauty” or “consumed by love”. The wide range of colors of the hibiscus makes it ideal for colorful, modern styled Hawaiian tattoos, while its interesting form lends itself well to more traditional, geometric tattoo designs.

Anthurium Flower Tattoo

The anthurium is an excellent choice for a Hawaiian flower tattoos. These bright red flowers often have a heart shape. They are the most popular flower shipped from Hawaii and they are a symbol of hospitality, friendship and kindness.

Orchid Flower Tattoo

Orchid tattoos can represent magnificence, luxury, strength, love, and beauty. Other orchids can mean free spirited, unique or mysterious. The number of meanings, wide variety of interesting forms and beautiful blossoms makes the orchid an excellent choice for a customized tattoo.

One popular orchid type in Hawaii, the Dendrobium Orchid, has butterfly shaped blossoms and lends itself nicely to integrated tattoo designs and has the added meaning of free, free spirited or independent beauty. Another popular orchid tattoo, and a personal favorite, is the ghost orchid. Ghost orchids are stunningly beautiful flowers and rather peculiar, their form reminds me of a very strange surreal figure.

This orchid is also unusual in due to having a greatly reduced stem , the leaves have been reduced to green scales and cord-like, green roots with a distinctive track mark design on them. Their roots blend so well with the trees they grow on that the pale flower seems to be floating in midair, hence its name “Ghost Orchid”. They are an endanger species, rarely seen in the wild and difficult to keep out of its environment, giving ghost orchid tattoos the symbolic meaning of something like “rare beauty” or “mysterious”

The Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoos

This dramatic, colorful flower is known for resembling a bird in flight. If you like very colorful tattoos then the Birds of Paradise flower could be the perfect Hawaiian flower tattoo for you. They are elegant and can add vigor to the human body with their vivid splashes of color and organic but familiar forms. This tropical flower represents “joyfulness” and “paradise”. “Fun loving” and “elegant” are appropriate meanings as well.

The above tropical flower types are by no means an exhausted list of possible species for a Hawaiian flower tattoos. In fact there are many, many more possibilities. You could select the lehua You can even get a tattoo that represents a particular Hawaiian island; each island has an official flower of its own.

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