The Meaning Behind Frog Tattoos

Frog tattoos are widely used by tribal and ethnic societies to symbolize regeneration, life and harmony. Frogs are known to be one of the most interesting creatures of the wild and often times disliked by many people because of its extraordinary features and unusual characteristics. On the other hand, frogs carry a deeper and profound meaning to different cultures that remains unfamiliar to many individuals.

Frogs has a unique ability to jump from one place to another. That is why they are often related to mentors who guide people to understanding supernatural powers because of their capability to jump from one place to another. In ancient Egypt, frogs are believed to be protectors and guardians of men to the afterlife. Iban cultures use frog tattoos to mark a warrior’s throat to protect his head from being cut off during battle. Native Americans consider frogs as “The Great Rain Maker” and a symbol of fertility, prosperity and wealth.  Modern Christians associates these exceptionally wild creatures to God because of the acronyms, Forever Rely On God.

Meaning Behind Frog Tattoos

On the contrary, some people like cartoonish frog tattoos for a lighter feeling and sentiment. Frogs are also known as magical creatures widely used in fairy tales as a cursed prince waiting for the right princess to come and free the evil spell.  Other frog tattoo designs are created with a small frog sitting on a lily with its tongue lapping at flies. Frog tattoos are also combined with the Egyptian goddess Hekt because of its representation of Resurrection and rebirth.

Frog tattoos may not be your conventional type of tattoos design but it is exceptionally rich in meaning and importance. Many tattoo enthusiasts nowadays are becoming more and more particular with their tattoo meanings because t reflects their innate personality and characteristic and convey their own message on life, love and sense of being.

Frog Tattoos, Designs and Ideas

Animal tattoos have been part of human civilization since the dawn of it. We find the mention of animal tattoos used in varied cultures and traditions because of the significance the animal tattoos do offer on humans. Animal tattoos and tattoo designs are noteworthy for the reason that they carry with them some amount of significance and importance to human race. The relation between men and the animals express the co-existence and mutual understanding of each other and dependency on this mother planet. We all are siblings of this mother planet.

Frog is one important animal that has always been preferred for animal lovers and tattoo art. As member of animal clan the frog finds its tattoos and designs across many cultures. Frog is often seen as teacher that teaches us so many things in life. It is a lunar creature that resounds in water and at the same time it also resides on land. A better amphibian and cold blooded animal and creature that have a very sensitive skin and colorful patterns of skin those shamans consider it a magical. In many cultures the frog is associated with the ability to do quick things and jump from one state of consciousness to another.

It is a symbol of patience also as the frog sits in patience to catch its prey when they are around. Because there is variety of species of frogs available in different colors like yellow, green, orange, red, pink, purple, brown, grey and alike, the tattoo artists get the freedom to draw large selection of colorful and cute frog tattoos. They are perfect for lower back, arms, shoulder area, ankles and other parts. They also look good in upper back area and chest portions too.

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