Unique Tattoo Design for Girls Lips

Are you curious, where did tattoo lovers get lip tattoo ideas from? Well it was from branding of the horses. Horses were and still are branded on the lower as well as upper lips to keep them safe from predators. The use of these tattoos started after women wanted to camouflage the problematic area of their lips. The problems can vary, for example some women used lip tattoos to thicken their thin lips, while others used it to narrow their lips. This was done by using dark red or brown pigments. Do you want to read more on do lip tattoos hurt.

Lip Tattoos for a unique place to get a tattoo? Or a place no one would ever see it unless you showed them? If so, an inner lip tattoo may be a good choice. Typically, a tattoo inside the mouth is found on the bottom inner lip. Until recently, inner lip tattoos were not sought by people, and are still not very common. Inner lip tattoos originated from a procedure by horse owners, who branded their names into their horse’s inner lip. There are many benefits to getting a tattoo inside your lip.

Tattoos have become a fashion statement with tattoo aficionados leaving no place untouched with this body art. There are people, who have almost every part of their body covered with tattoos. If all the body parts are covered with a tattoo, how can someone leave the lips alone? Lip tattoos have become a big hit with hard core tattoo lovers. These tattoos like I have previously mentioned are made on the lower lips, but can also be made on the upper lips. Lip tattoos make a very personal statement and it’s a matter of pride for tattoo aficionados.

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