Meaning of Scorpion Tattoos: Body Art Master Tattoo

As a member of the arachnid family, the scorpion has a massive amount of species. While its beginnings aren’t completely known, there is evidence that they are over 400 million years old. In Greek Mythology the scorpion represents the military-like readiness, seen in its quick bite and poisonous results. Constellations have been named after scorpions, and represented in Astrology. It’s no wonder that many enthusiasts today desire obtaining scorpion tattoos.

Whether a representation of your zodiac sign, Scorpio, or as a reminder that death walks with us everyday, it’s presence on your skin permanently is an everyday reminder of what the creature stands for.

A sense of power and healing come from the scorpions segmented body. Many believed that they represented healing and protection for the dead. Some cultures even believed that warriors were reincarnated as half-human half-scorpion to defeat their enemies with their combating expertise. It is also believed that this creature was the reason for the death of Orion, who is now seen in the constellations. Whatever your beliefs, this creature conveys death and life, pain and healing.

Many individuals get tattoos today and often enough the meanings behind their art run beyond skin deep. Mothers mark their bodies with permanent representations of their children, loved ones, or lost ones. The daily reminder seen on your body is, to some, a truer depiction of their love and admiration. Not to mention the honor involved. Pain inflicted by the tattooing needle, the time and effort into the creation of the art, all have a lasting affect physically and mentally. Some find solace and peace resulting from their body art.

There is nothing more frightening than scorpions, which have the ability to kill with one sting. Scorpion tattoos are popular with people wanting to demonstrate one of two things; first, to be used as the zodiac symbol for Scorpio, or two, to demonstrate the toughness of an individual that is making the decision to have the scorpion tattoo tattooed on themselves.

Scorpion tattoos are often smaller than the size of the fist and placed on the arm and chest in men. These types of tattoos are most popular with men and can include the tattoo being an effective means of increasing the appearance of toughness within the community. After all, there is nothing scarier than a strong insect that can kill with one sting!

Scorpions are small creatures which have fierce stings. Maybe that is why many people choose have a scorpion tattoo to demonstrate that even though they can happen feeble, they could actually hold their ground. Tattoos look awesome in color, but may look tougher in black and white. Accomplish their goals, but color tattoos often offer a softer appearance and add more detail.

Reasons people select a scorpion tattoo vary. Some have a scorpion portrait since they’re a Scorpio, because it pertains to horoscopes. Others receive the tattoo must be scorpion is really a fierce creature, having a tough appearance. The objective of a tattoo is often either to represent ones personality, or showing off a neat looking portrait. Often, tattoo artists can supply the appearance that this scorpion is taken from your bellybutton or other area around the skin. Undeniably, the quantity of creativity is perfectly up to you!

Tattoos represent something in regards to you. A photo of the scorpion inked on your skin will let others know you mean business. Although scorpions are “tough” looking, there is also a soft side. As an illustration, some girls have scorpion tattoos on the ankle, which still looks “tough” but adds a soft side to the look also.

A scorpion portrait placed by using an arm, shows strength. Guys will most likely look for a place as an illustration an arm or leg showing these are tough. Using large tattoos is normally considered masculine as the tattoo covers a whole muscle, rather than being hidden. A tattoo while on an ankle, or stomach, is frequently chosen by girls showing a powerful, yet delicate persona.

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