Methods of Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Here is a deep dive into some of the methods of hair loss treatment in men.

Using hair loss concealer

If you are beginning to bald, using a hair concealer is a great solution. This is because you still have most of your hair intact, and you want to hide the bald. Hair loss concealer is a microscopic keratin protein designed to bond with your natural hair, and it is made using natural products. It uses nanofiber technology, which offers a more natural, dense, and high volume of hair strands. The nanofiber technology allows for a long-lasting bond between your existing hairs and the hair fibers.

Laser hair retention therapy

This hair loss treatment solution uses low-level laser technology to stimulate hair regrowth, making it an excellent option for men looking to regain natural hair thickness. Red light therapy illuminates photons into the scalp tissues. When the weak cells absorb these photons that stimulate hair growth, it invigorates circulation and stimulation, promoting the hair follicles to grow hair. Laser hair retention therapy is often done in conjunction with stem cell treatment to produce positive results.

Non-surgical hair replacements

With the recent technological advancements, high-end custom hair systems can be made to resemble natural human hair. In this solution, a membrane will be careful placed on the scalp with modern bonding materials and techniques to secure its firm. After which, the hair systems will match your existing hair in terms of texture and color, making the replacement hard to perceive even under very close visual inspection. It is essential to get the right color to achieve a natural and believable look. This is the right solution for men experiencing baldness at the top of their head and not want a surgical replacement.

Hair transplants 

This surgery utilizes hair you already have and transfers it to fill areas with little or no hair. The hair is typically taken from the back of your head, but it can also be taken from any other part of your body. This solution does not require special maintenance other than regular hair care since it will be your hair growing naturally. However, this procedure is not suitable for everyone because you will need a lot of donor’s hair and the right quality to get the best outcome.


Hair loss is temporary in some cases, and you need to know whether it is a regular hair loss. If you are losing more than ten strands of hair for every 100 tugged, you might be having a hair loss problem. If that happens, you should consider the above-mentioned hair loss treatment solutions to make your hair look great and natural.

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