Bikram Yoga Is Best For Body Fitness

Bikram is currently the most popular form of Yoga used for weight loss programs. Bikram regulates the metabolism, which in turn leads to better calorie consumption. On top of that, the high heat used for Bikram helps burn an average of 450 calories during a session. The only problem of losing weight through hot yoga is dehydration, as the high temperatures in a hot yoga class create a large moisture loss from the body. People who are on a hot yoga regime for weight loss need to take special care of keeping themselves hydrated, so that the loss of water during the session does not cause severe lack of fluids in their body.

Expected Benefits

The heating levels found in a Bikram yoga studio are believed to detoxify the body through heavy sweating. The circulatory system benefits through an elevated heart rate and thinning of the blood. White blood cells are increased and weight loss is made easier due to the fact that warmed muscles can burn fat more efficiently. In addition, this level of heat helps to increase mental strength and will power which are effective tools when desiring weight loss.

Time Commitment

For maximum weight loss results it is advised to add at least ten Bikram yoga sessions per month, or three or more sessions per week. Bikram advocates feel that it takes at least 13 sessions to enjoy maximum benefits from this practice; taking time to understand the postures will increase the ability to work with the poses for optimum results.

Caloric Burn

Bikram yoga is among the top calorie burning activities available to all fitness levels. In general, 500 to 1,500 calories can be burned in a 90-minute period. This caloric gradient is mostly related to how much effort is put into each pose. The stronger your poses, the more effective calorie burn you will have.

Benefits to the Lymph System

Many weight issues are related to a sluggish lymphatic system. Far infrared heating found in Bikram yoga classes is believed to work at a cellular level, positively affecting the lymph system for improved ability to lose weight. Drinking large amounts of water with a twist of lemon helps to replace fluids and some electrolytes lost through sweating. Flushing the body with ample fluids works to improve lymph effectiveness while providing a sense of fullness to reduce unhealthy cravings.

Lose Weight With Bikram Yoga

  • Make it a cardiovascular workout. By holding each of the 26 Bikram poses for the entire count and putting forth maximum effort, your cardiovascular system is worked and strengthened.
  • Be consistent. To lose weight with yoga, you need to practice regularly and as much as possible. Results begin with a weekly practice that includes three classes or more.
  • Turn fat into muscle. Yoga helps you to develop both muscle tone and strength as you work through the various asanas or postures.
  • Learn to love the heat! The 105 degree temperatures and 50 percent humidity can be your friends. Heat enables the muscles to better reorganize, increases heart rate for maximum cardiovascular benefits, detoxifies the body and thins the blood.
  • Lose weight as a beginner to Bikram. It takes two classes for your body to begin to understand the various 26 poses and 10 classes for your body to start normalizing your weight.
  • Know what Bikram teachers and students say. They believe that Bikram yoga is a complete cardiovascular, aerobic, strength, flexibility and fat-burning workout.

Practice Safely

  • Proceed deeper when you are ready. Part of the fundamental belief system for Bikram yoga is the thought that students should move beyond their limits in a pose under the encouragement of the teacher.
  • Beware of the heat. Heat lubricates your joints, making you believe that you are more flexible than you really are. Additionally, heat keeps the body from feeling pain so you may not become aware that you are injured until after you leave class.
  • Use the mirrors with caution. Bikram studios use mirrored walls so students can see their progress and push further in a pose. Maintain an awareness of how your body feels inside so you know where to stop.
  • Repeat poses with caution. The 26 Bikram poses are done twice during 90-minute classes. This aids in building confidence, but is also used as an opportunity to move further in a pose the second time around.
  • Work to your own personal edge. Try to refrain from competing with others around you or attempting to simulate the abilities of others more flexible than you.
  • Listen to your breath. Use the breath as a gauge for the body. If your breathing is quick, shallow or strained, you should stop doing a pose or rest before continuing.


  • Stop doing a pose if it is painful.
  • Never start an exercise or weight loss program before consulting your doctor.
  • Bikram yoga should not be practiced by anyone with heat regulating issues. For maximum weight-loss benefits, Bikram yoga should be accompanied by a healthy diet rich in antioxidants, potassium and electrolytes for systemic balance. Excessive sweating on a regular basis can have negative effects on the body if care in diet is not taken.

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