Dance Is A Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Losing weight takes a lot of hard work and determination. Often the workouts are often tedious, making it difficult to find the motivation to do them. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have fun and socialize as you workout with dance. There are many ways to dance to lose weight, so if you are a wall flower or the life of the party, you can find something to suit.

One of the best things you can do to lose weight is to find an exercise that you actually enjoy doing, because you won’t stick to an exercise routine that you don’t really like. If you are serious about losing weight through dancing, be sure to choose the right type of dance. Some dance styles are much more strenuous than others. For example, a fast-paced jazz class will burn more calories than a slow and graceful lesson in ballet. Choose a dance class that gets you up and moving!

How to Dance for Weight Loss

  • Get Ready to Rock and Roll. First, you’ll want to obtain medical clearance for exercise from your doctor. Tell him what you’re planning to do. Have a weight loss goal and time frame in mind. Don’t make unrealistic goals for yourself. If you dance your way to losing two or three pounds a month, that’s plenty. The slower the more likely the weight loss is to be permanent, some experts say.
  • Create a Safe Place to Dance. You don’t want to be dancing around obstacles like toys on the floor that could make you trip and fall. Pick an uncluttered and safe room, your living room or a bedroom, for example. Weight loss activities should not be hazardous!
  • Choose Your Favorite Music and Go for It! Hip hop or rock, belly dance or ballroom, dance videos or iTunes, plan to work up to 45-minute aerobic weight loss sessions over a period of a few months. Start out always with a five-minute slow warm up of your cardio respiratory system and muscles. This could be dancing at a slow pace or walking in place. In the beginning just do 10-minute dance sessions and when ready, gradually increase to 15, 20, 25, 30 aerobic minutes over the first month or two. Plan on getting up to 45 minute sessions five or six days a week by month three or four.
  • Monitor Your Progress. Write down your weight loss goals for each month and for your end result. Then record your measurements and weight at the beginning of the program and weekly thereafter for weight and monthly for your measurements. Seeing progress is highly motivating! Also record each dance session and how you felt so that you’ll be able to make adjustments if needed.
  • Make it a Party! If you’re social, invite family and friends to join your dance sessions. Others can help you stay motivated and active. Once you are accomplished in a dance routine, volunteer to help others. Who says a weight loss program has to be a chore?
  • Add Other Physical Activities. Add walking to your daily activities and strength training, too, once you’ve firmly established your weight loss dance program. See the Resources section for articles on these and other other ways to help you lose weight and get fit.


  • If you feel pain in any joints you may need to modify your dance routine to avoid injury.

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