20+ Amazing and Cool Google Earth Photos

Satellite imagery used to be the exclusive domain of governments and spy agencies, but ever since Google Maps and Google Earth we can all get to see weird things! Fancy a look at Area 51? Wondered what it’s like in downtown Moscow? Or maybe you want to check out the Principality of Sea land? These are just ordinary, everyday things that millions of people use Google Maps and Earth to research every day. But what about the things you weren’t supposed to see, the freaks of camera? Here are 20+ of the most bizarre sights for you to laugh at. Enjoy.

Google Escher Effect – Paris, France

Auto Antics Google Photo

Will You Merry Me Message via Google Earth Photo

Mystery Stone Arrow – Google

Heart-shaped Island Highlighted by Google Earth Becomes Hit With Lovers

Graffiti in Google Maps

Man-Shaped Lake in Brazil

Giant Gulliver From Google Earth, Hunters Hall Park, Craigmillar, Scotland

Iraq’s Bloody Lake from Google Earth Map

Terrain Face in Google Maps

Google Escher Effect Pic From Houston

KFC Space Logo by Google Earth Map

Bunny in Google Maps – Artesina, Italy

The Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci

Coca Cola Logo in Google Earth Maps

World’s Largest Fingerprint by Google Map

Karl’s Maze, Germany Google Earth Map

Google Earth Maps Oddity

Show Me a Sign of Ford

The Palm Islands of Dubai by Google Map

Ni Pena Ni Miedo Atacama Desert, Chile – Google Earth Map (No Shame Nor Fear)

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