The Mattress Protector Challenge: What You Need and Why You Need It

There is a lot of debate raging on about mattress protectors. Many feel that it is a necessity worth having, while others feel that if they will not be taking back the mattress to the stores for repairs or replacement, then they don’t need to have the protector.

Whether you are planning to on buying a new mattress and you are concerned about its longevity or you are planning to upgrade your bedroom and you are thinking about including a TN mattress protector, it should be understood that the mattress protector play vital role in your comfort levels as well as protecting your mattress and making it last longer. If you are the kind who sees a mattress protector as an unnecessary addition to your bedroom, then know that there are very compelling reasons why you need to change this view as soon as possible.

What are you protecting the mattress from?

There are many things you should be protecting your mattress from. I know that for most of you, your only concern is perhaps the sweat you release at night while you sleep and you think your bedsheet is doing a good job at protecting your mattress from your sweat. But there is more to it and unless you can accord your mattress the right protection with the right TN mattress protector, then you will not just enjoy the most from it, but you can be sure that you will be back the shops after just a few years.

The following are some of the things you are protecting your mattress from and why it is highly recommended that you get your mattress an appropriate protector if you aren’t using one already:

  • Accidents – if you have children and pets in the house and especially if you usually give them access to your bedroom, then you have every reason to think about according to your mattress extra protection. Many are times when the kids and the pets will jump onto the bed for your normal play sessions and if you happen to have some food or liquids around, spills to the mattress can potentially make it dirty and unsuitable for use. With a protector, however, all the spills will not access the mattress and since it is easier to clean a protector than the entire mattress, you get a lot of benefits with them on your mattress.
  • Mite dust and bugs – you can never guarantee the presence of mite dust and bugs in your home, especially if you have pets. Mite dust and bugs are some of the greatest cause of discomfort for people at night, and this is because of dirty mattresses which provide a nice hiding place and breeding grounds for the mites and the bugs. With a TN mattress protector, it will be possible to control such intruders in your mattress since all you have to do is treat the mattress protector while the actual mattress is left intact. However, in the absence of the protector, you will be looking at the prospects of replacing the entire mattress or spending a lot of money in getting rid of the mite dust and the bugs, especially if you had an infestation.
  • Sanitation reasons – if you usually have romantic encounters with your bed, then you can’t deny that fluids are never released at the peak of things. You know very well that with the nature of those fluids, they can easily go past the normal bedsheets and the next stop is always the mattress and if you don’t clean them up immediately – which nobody every does since all the focus is on the romance, soon the mattress will be very dirty and you will not love the smell it will emit. However, with a mattress protector, all the fluids generated during such romantic encounter will be stopped before they reach the mattress beneath. It will then be easier to wash the protector than was the entire mattress.

Protection is a two-way traffic

If you think of yourself as a neat and tidy person who never eat or drink in bed, then it is easy to assume that you have no use of a mattress protector. But as noted earlier, you will not just be protecting your bed from crumbs and spills. Before you think that you wouldn’t have any use for a mattress protector, you should know that the barrier it provides between you and your body is always of valuable protection.

Things such as loose hair, natural body byproducts, and allergens will never fail to get to your mattress in the absence of a protector and it is out of such that all manners of allergic reactions sets in. You will then begin to notice certain discomfort in bed, and this will be just an indication that your mattress is dirty. As we have noted in several instances, it will be easy to wash a TN mattress protector under such circumstances than to wash an entire mattress. Another win for the case for mattress protectors.

Selecting the right mattress protector

The quality of the experience you will get from your TN mattress protector will be heavily dependent on the type of the protector you will choose. You are at liberty of ordering cheap and low-quality protectors or you can just decide to order a slightly expensive one, but which is guaranteed to give you a very good experience and will serve you for long.

Here are some of the features you should watch out for when making your selection of the protectors-:

  • Waterproof – since you don’t want spills and fluids accessing your mattress, the first feature your preferred protector must have is being waterproof.
  • Cooling materials – the protector should be able to improve ventilation so that you can have some warming effects during cold nights and cooling effects on hot summer nights.
  • Easy on and off – you should not struggle to put on the protector or remove it. This is important for your convenience.
  • Hypoallergenic – the protector should have the ability to stop allergens and not cause unnecessary allergic reactions to the users. This will heavily depend on the primary material used in making the protector.

With this guide, you should have the right information you need to make it easy for you when buying a mattress protector.

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