Important Home Office Adjustments To Safeguard Your Vision

Remote employment is just one of the many changes left behind by the pandemic that’s here to stay. And while working from home offers employees so many benefits like reduced expenses and improved work-life balance, there are also some downfalls and challenges.

Even though you won’t need to spend on a daily commute, you will need to invest in a suitable home office setup. Moreover, you might experience some motivation struggles. And when it comes to setting up your office, you might encounter a few challenges as well.

You must use an ergonomic chair and desk or a standing desk to support good posture. In addition to this, you’ll need your tech essentials and a strong internet connection. But beyond good posture, it’s also vital to take measures to protect your vision; working on a computer puts you at risk of dry eye syndrome and other eyesight troubles.

That said, these home office changes will help you protect good eyesight.

Anti-Glare Screen Film

There are tons of anti-glare films on the market, and most of these products are pretty effective. The translucent film is fitted onto your laptop screen or monitor’s display to mitigate screen glare. Some of these films also offer additional privacy, but that’s not really necessary when working from home.

Screen glare is significantly damaging to optical health. Dry eye syndrome, headaches, blurry vision, and eye strain are all risks for those who work on a digital screen for long periods. These optical concerns can all degrade vision.

With this, if you are suffering from dry eye syndrome, it’s also essential to keep in mind that dry eyes need special contacts.

Desk Placement

Even though you might want to place your desk in front of the window for a pleasant view, it’s best to have windows at your side instead. At mid-day, the sun will be at eye-level, and this can make it impossible to focus if you’re facing the window.

Fen Shui suggests that this is the best position for your desk because facing a view will leave you distracted.

The Right Lighting

Office lighting is crucial for vision health as well. Unfortunately, if your office space is not adequately illuminated, you’ll find yourself straining and squinting your eyes often.

It’s best to have task lighting, overhead lighting, and a third light source in addition to natural light. Moreover, choose bright white light bulbs and steer clear of warm ambient tones that won’t assist with focus.

Other Ways To Protect Your Vision

In addition to the above office changes, you should also adopt eye exercises into your daily routine. Focusing exercises, blinking routines, and eye massages are all practical and quick ways to strengthen your eyesight.

But beyond these exercises, you must also follow a healthy diet, get enough of the right vitamins, and visit the optometrist every two years for an eye exam. All of these actions will help you protect your optical health and maintain good eyesight.  

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