Nootropics Smart Drugs: Five Reasons for Their Popularity Today

The use of cognitive enhancement drugs has been rising steadily over the years, with absolutely no signs of slowing down in the near future. It is estimated that at least one in four students who use nootropics such as Modafinil indeed record improved performance in their studies. The same equally applies to busy professionals like doctors, engineers, technical machine operators, pilots, just to name a few.

We live in a world where excellence in everything we undertake is praised and adored. We are judged by our performance. The best employees are promoted faster and earn more salaries than the average. The best students get scholarships. Laborers earn more based on the number of hours they work. The cost of living has been skyrocketing and yet the income streams for most families are unchanged. As a result, there is a lot of pressure on adults, and even kids to keep improving, do better if they are to secure a brighter future. The question is, do smart drugs work? Is their popularity today pegged on their performance or it is just mere smart marketing strategies with a lot of media hype?

Do Smart Drugs Make You a Genius?

Loosely defined, a genius is a person with an IQ score of 175 and above. Well, to those who have ever taken any form of IQ test, this is not an easy target to hit no matter how hard you try. Does that mean that those with less scores are “dumb”? The answer is an absolute no. However, we all desire to be smarter than the person next to us. While taking smart drugs will not transform you into a genius overnight, they can boost your cognitive function, enabling you to execute different activities faster, better and with precision.

Performance is most of the time affected by the state of the mind, and all that is required is that extra boost for better mental cognition. Once you can remember things better and faster, you can as retain information for longer than the average person. Learning is not entirely the ability to acquire knowledge is new things and ideas, but also the ability to remember the same at a later date. Your focus, creativity, energy and mood all play a crucial role in your performance. With 25% of students who have used smart drugs recording better performance in school and thousands of testimonies, there is enough proof that nootropics work.

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5 Reasons for the Popularity of Nootropics

  1. Competition

One of the most constant thing in life is competition. Every student wants to be on top of the class to earn the scholarship. At work, promotions are competitive and only given to those who stand out from the rest. In families, those siblings who earn more money or perform better are more respected by parents and have more say in family matters than the less smart ones. We are all fighting to be better. This is one of the reasons why the demand for smart drugs has been rising. Everyone is scrambling for limited resources. Success in life is not guaranteed. Attending an interview doesn’t guarantee you a job, even if you have all the qualifications; possibly someone else will ace the interview better. It is a very competitive world, and if you are to be on top of the crowd, you have to think outside the box and be smarter. This is the problem that nootropics help fix; making you think better, remember faster and store fresh information for longer.

  1. Pressure

Closely related to the above is the pressure we all find ourselves in on daily basis. At work, for example, the employer is mainly interested in your ability to execute responsibilities assigned perfectly. In case you fail to deliver as per the expectations, you face the sack and replacement by someone else who shows more focus and ability to do the job better. Students can only get admission to their colleges and universities of choice based on how they perform. Who doesn’t want to attend Harvard University? Furthermore, getting admission to the best colleges doesn’t guarantee graduation; if your performance falls past a certain minimum grade, you risk expulsion. With the high cost of living, employees are pressured to work for longer hours to afford a roof over their heads and food for their families. These pressures can be too much for the body, and that is why, your exhausted brainpower needs the support of smart drugs.

  1. Technical Jobs

Most jobs require genius-level accuracy; there is never room for mistakes. Medics have to be alert when attending to their patients because their lives depend on how they handle their illnesses or medical conditions. Machine operators must remain at their best or risk accidents at work or mess up the quality of products they make. Pilots have to be alert for hours in the sky to guarantee passenger safety. The same applies to long-distance truck drivers; they cannot afford simple traffic mistakes and risk lives of other road-users. Are you working for long hours? Well, your brain is likely to wear out. Occasional boost of the cognitive function by nootropics smart drugs is therefore necessary in these technical jobs for continued performance.

  1. Relaxed Regulations

When smart drugs were introduced, government authorities were concerned about possible abuse and likely side effects to the general population. However, overtime, watchdogs such as the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) have relaxed these regulations to make it possible for more deserving people to get access to these medicines. You can now purchase drugs such as Modafinil, the world’s first safe smart drug and FDA-approved from online sites without a prescription. Governments have a responsibility to protect the population against possible health risks.

  1. Variety

With relaxed government regulations came the opportunity for more investment in the sector. Today, you will be spoilt for choice on what nootropics smart drugs to purchase. With availability, came the competition and lower prices for all. You don’t have to move from one pharmacy to another in search of smart drugs; you can simply find them on online pharmacies at competitive prices.


There is sufficient evidence that smart drugs work. This is one area that is fast-evolving whose potential is unlimited. For that much-needed boost of your cognitive function, then you should consult your doctor and try out any of the available nootropics. Don’t expect miracles because performance of these drugs vary. All the best.

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