Handcrafted Bags by Lisa Farmer – I Love Entomology

{YBA} These beautifully hand crafted miniature bags are referred to by the designer, Lisa Farmer, as “portable containers”. Inspired by life’s tiny creatures Farmer has created this highly original collection of insects, fish and crustaceans. A statement accessory for the curiously adorned. Available for purchase on Arcademi.

These hand crafted pieces by Lisa Farmer bring back childhood memories, but show them in a more sophisticated and fashionable light. Each piece is undoubtedly a “statement” piece, complete with textured scales, wings or exoskeletons in luxurious yet utilitarian materials, sure to garner respect from both sexes equally.

These containers are simply works of art, and the designs are fun and highly original. They have been inspired that most powerful of artists, mother nature.  The textures and the forms of these bags have borrowed the lithe curves of fish and and the fascinating feature of insects.

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