Maddie Welch in Peep Show Grazia Magazine May 2010

{YBA} Grazia for his May 2010 edition has been decorated by the effect of blowing winds, upwards whirled hairs, gorgeous look and sexy style of Maddie Welch exhibiting a Peep Show effect.

With the wind blowing in her hair, Specimen Management’s Maddie Welch is a free spirit for her most recent work found in this month’s Grazia. Styled by Andrew Holden in peek-a-boo garments from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney and Antonio Bernardi, the leggy beauty gets expressive in Louis Christopher’s Peep Show.

“Peep Show”, From daring burlesque corsets to bashful hints of lace and whispers of chiffon, lingerie comes out of the boudoir this summer. (Grazia May 2010)

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