Ranya Mordanova Graces Vogue Russia June 2010

{YBA} No doublt, a brilliant and creative work by stylist Simon Robins. Colors are spread beautiful on the canvas of style and fashion in a professional, perfect approach.

Ranya Mordanova, is a gorgeous and stunning beauty in each and every photoshoot by KT Auleta. Concepts and creativity of KT Auleta is also admirable. Vogue Russia June 2010, cover and editorial is a master piece.

Once again, Simon Robins puts his styling skills to the test in the June edition of Vogue Russia. This time around, the fashion editor takes on retro ensembles as he pieces together a wardrobe of airy scarves, full skirts and bright colors for the perfect 1950s redux. Lensed by KT Auleta and starring Ranya Mordanova, the outdoor spread showcases the work of labels such as Dolce & Gabbana, Nicole Fahri and Dior.

Photography by KT Auleta.
Model: Ranya Mordanova.
Magazine: Vogue Russia, June 2010.

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