Vanessa Paradis in Factory Story Of Madame Figaro

{YBA} Inspiration of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick relationship has opened the idea, so Karl Lagerfeld captures his current muse, Vanessa Paradis, for the cover shoot of May’s Madame Figaro. Aided by fashion editor Leila Smara, Lagerfeld creates the glamorous and retro Factory Story.

If you had your pick of photographers to shoot you for a magazine cover, you would ask for the services of very good friend. Luckily for Vanessa Paradis, she probably has Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld in her speed dial, so when she was asked to guest edit the May 7th, 2010 issue of Madame Figaro (a magazine supplement found weekly in French newspaper, Le Figaro) she only had to look as far as her phone book.

Considering how much Karl Lagerfeld and she admire one another, it’s no surprise they both grace the cover and that Karl shot her for the “Factory Story” editorial. Step inside for a peek at the most fabulous Vanessa-filled pages. The fabulous girlfriend of Johnny Depp is looking

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