5 Best Recommended Exercises for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the one time in your life when you can enjoy some weight gain without guilt. Ironically, it’s also a time when it’s important to keep fit and strong. There is no denying in the fact that fitness is the only key for leading a long, hale and healthy life. This is doubly true in the case of a pregnant woman. Exercising keeps a pregnant woman as well as her baby healthy.

There are many choices of exercises pregnant women are able to do. Even though exercising pregnant has certain precautions you should follow, the amount of exercises to choose from are still plentiful. The best exercises pregnant women can do will be an exercise in which:

The Best Exercises for Pregnant Women

The programs predominantly consist of 5 major exercises for pregnant woman, which helps them to stay fit and give birth to a healthy baby as well. They are mentioned below.

1. Stair Climbing Machine:

This machine is a great machine for developing your cardiovascular strength as well as your leg muscles. There is very little risk of falling, and these machines usually have side rails you can balance and hold onto.

2. Walking:

Walking is a great form of exercise and can be modified for many fitness levels, including beginners. Other than a decent pair of walking shoes you don’t need fancy equipment and it is a great workout for muscles and aerobic fitness. Many pregnant moms like to walk because the intensity is controlled by them and not someone else. Walking can also be maintained postpartum.

3. Strengthening Your Arms:

Many first time moms are both horrified and surprised at just how much heavy lifting motherhood requires. With the average newborn weighing in around 3.5 kilograms, it can be a strain on those of us with spaghetti arms! Luckily the solution is cheap and easy.

Prepare for motherhood by adding a few repetitions with light hand-weights. Every little bit helps and when your baby is bigger you will be grateful that you took the time to build those arms up a bit. Look up any of these exercises online and find free exercise video’s that will illustrate these movements more clearly.

4. Stationary Biking:

During pregnancy, riding a real bicycle is out of the question. It’s too dangerous, since it increases your potential risk of falling. Your center of gravity shifts during pregnancy, so it makes you more prone to falls. To get the same benefit of biking, consider using a stationary bike.

5. Dance:

While you will want to stay away from any leaps, twirls, or jumps (since these increase your potential chance to fall), dancing is a fun and wonderful way to stay fit when pregnant. Check with your local gym to see if they offer any special dance classes for pregnant women. You can also dance in the comfort of your own home with the help of a DVD.

Use these exercises in your routine and you will see good results. I help you with your fitness and nutrition choices during pregnancy. Remember to take it slow and drink plenty of water. If you start to feel dizzy, faint, or short of breath when exercising, stop immediately.

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