Awesome and Fabulous Celebrity Cars

{YBA} Celebrities don’t just get chauffeured from party to party, many of them actually own, take pride in, and drive their own vehicles. Some of the cars celebrities drive are exactly what you’d figure, others are rather surprising.

We tend to think of celebrities as cruising around in high-dollar sheet metal 24/7, but the truth is not everyone who makes headlines in entertainment likes to roll in pricey rides. We’ve worked up a list of the surprising cars that celebrities drive. Have a look to see if your favorite celeb commutes like you do.

Want to know what celebrities drive? Until getting bored this morning, we didn’t know we wanted to either. Now, we’re so curious, we put together this list of celebs and the cars they drive.

Paris Hilton pulls up in her pink Bentley at the Arcade boutique on Beverly Drive. She’s greeted by a swarm of photographers and goes inside to shop as she smiles and shows off her latest bob haircut.

Dita Von Teese shops around Hollywood, first at Fred Segal, later at Decades Two on Melrose Ave. She’s driving a BWM Z4 roadster.

Actress Sharon Stone enjoys lunch with a female friend at Clafoutis in Sunset Plaza. Stone takes a break to make a phone call behind the restaurant. She appears pretty upset by the conversation. Then, she returns to eating and smiles for photographers and she drives off in her Bentley convertible.

Sitcom actor Brad Garrett sure seems to be a car buff. Brad checked out a black 1950’s Chevrolet Bel Air station wagon before hopping into (and letting the top down on) a green Aston Martin convertible (with orange-ish leather interior). He then sipped on a coffee, chatted on his cell phone, and took a few photos of his own while waiting at a Malibu car wash.

Lauren Hutton and a gal pal exit Davey Jones Liquor Locker with a mini bottle of whisky and some smokes with and drive off in her convertible Mini Copper.

A cupcake definitely brings out the best in Minnie Driver! The star was all smiles after picking one up from Joan’s on Third with a friend.

Lily Allen lets the top down on her convertible Mini Cooper as she and a friend drive down Sunset Blvd. Lily then headed to the recording studio to do some work on her upcoming album.

So, without further ado, here’s the best of what we found in an hour of searching.

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