Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Ready to Wear Collection at PFW

{YBA} Simplicity in style and glamor has been seen in Modern Balenciaga at PFW (Paris Fashion Week). Balenciaga, ready to wear collection, a modern momentum mixed nicely with traditional velocity and fabulous, stylish fashion.

When creating the range Nicolas Ghesquiere was inspired by things that are far from the fashion world. These include: cosmonauts and seventies Formica, packaging and food boxes, synthetic foam and plywood, sleeping bags and biscuits.

Designer philosophy about his work,

“I was working on something domestic. Casual things mixed with classic. And a kind of rigidity.”

Clothing that we have in the result obviously doesn’t remind us about anything that was designed before. On the one hand, it is fantastic because experiments tend to bring new reality and maybe soon we’ll see absolutely different fashion from what we have now. But on the other hand, novelty is terrifying and we often don’t know how to deal with it.

Enjoy simple but dazzling and modern, Balenciaga fall/winter collection of 2010/2011.

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