New Zealand Brand Ruby Dolls Fall Collection 2010

{YBA} Brand Ruby Dolls fall collection 2010/2011 – full with wide range of color arrays and ultra modern simplicity. A good domain of fashion momentum has been covered – ranging form plain to colorful, gorgeous to decent and full to short sexy collection. Clothes are beautifully designed – keeping in mind beauty with simplicity.

New Zealand label Ruby slaps us upside the head with their daisy-print dresses, bustier tops, and so much sheerness that we’re blushing just thinking about it (including the first pair of sheer pants we can actually get down with).

So pull out those knee socks and practice your pout. It’s refreshing to get dolled up every now and then—and we’re all about gettin’ it done with Ruby. I hope you will enjoy the beautiful collection of New Zealand Brand Ruby Dolls.

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