What is an Infrared Laser Treatment?

Obviously, skincare lasers have been on the scene for years. In fact, thousands of people have various laser skin treatments done each day. But not all of those lasers are the same. One of the most popular options is infrared laser treatment, which sometimes goes by industry names like “Titan” instead.

How the Process of Infrared Laser Skin Tightening Can Repair Your Skin

Infrared lasers are just one type of laser treatment, but when you understand how they work it will be easy to see why infrared treatment is one of the more popular laser options. First of all it is quite safe. Since there is no surgery involved, there is no cutting, no anesthesia, and no need to spend a long time recovering after your appointment.

An infrared laser uses a very specific type of light beam to treat the skin. While there are many medical lasers for sale that are also great at performing skin treatments, the advantage of infrared treatment is that it can improve your skin health without impacting the surface.

Why You Might Want Internal Laser Treatment

You may be wondering why you would want an a laser treatment that focuses more on the internal, or lower, skin layers that you can’t see on the surface. Why not have something like an ablative treatment that can help you to resurface your skin right away?

Well the short answer is that the condition of your skin might make ablative treatments difficult or impossible because of acne scarring, excessive skin oil, or other reasons. Another possibility is that you may just not want the potential infection risks that come with stronger treatments like those done by ablative lasers. In any of those situations, infrared treatments are a good alternative.

How Infrared Lasers Treat the Skin

Infrared lasers basically work by using pulses of light on a particular frequency to heat the skin cells below the surface. Sometimes it is referred to as “cooking” the water content of the cells, but a more pleasant way to look at it is that the light beam basically stirs things up a bit and gets certain cellular processes going again, such as making your body create more of its own natural collagen. At the same time, it causes the collagen that is already there to tighten up and move closer together, which causes the skin as a whole to become tighter and smoother.

Preparing Yourself Mentally and Physically for Laser Treatment

Before you have infrared or any other type of laser treatment it is important to prepare yourself. From a mental standpoint, you need to be prepared for the fact that you may not see any major changes in the condition of your skin the day of treatment, or even a day or two after. It could take quite a while for your body to begin healing your skin.

On the physical side of things, you need to follow any instructions the clinic gives you leading up to your procedure. Typical doctor’s orders are to stay out of the sun for a couple weeks leading up to the procedure and avoid wearing lotions, perfumes, or other products the day of the appointment.

Provided that you choose a clinic and a laser procedure wisely, lasers are a great way to treat skin that is sagging a bit more than you’d like. But remember to do some research before you schedule your first appointment. Make sure that you are well informed and completely comfortable before you sit in the clinician’s chair.

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