Nike SB Apparel and Accessories June 2010

{YBA} Each month, Nike SB releases a range of clothing and gear to compliment the month’s footwear releases and June presents a bunch of tees to signal that you’ll soon have a whole season to skate in the sun. The designs range from your classic Nike SB insignia to a fully spelled out look that’s half-calligraphy/half-neon lighting.  If you like people on your t-shirts, you’ve got a choice of Lance Mountain in a whimsical poncho getup, or go with an actual cartoon in the form of two smiley-faced SB riders.  If you happen to have any cash left over, cop the black velcro wallet that’s also available for June, and be sure to check out the whole collection after the jump.

Since June is the start of summer, all those who are actually active under the sun instead out just lounging out for vitamin D will care about ventilation, comfort and keeping cool. Hence, what’s better for an afternoon out on the push than the good ol’ tee? Thus, Nike SB’s apparel release for June is all about the t-shirt, but mind you, it isn’t your run-of-the-mill graphic tee collection, as Nike SB had enlisted the help of skateboarder/artist extraordinare, Lance Mountain, to pen a few sketches for the collection.

Shortly, Though they are not outwardly saying it, this month’s Nike SB apparel drops are very ‘vintage’ as the tees look like they came out of a time machine from the eighties. Large, drawn characters take over the back of some of the t-shirts while others make use of a dated Lance Mountain photo. The stand-out shirt from the line features a ‘Nike Skateboarding’ writing in neon that screams cheesy, 1980’s movie in a good way.

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