Celine Handbag Luggage Collection for Spring/Summer 2010

{YBA} Looks like our beloved Birkan Bag, may have a field challenger with Celine’s Spring/Summer 2010 Handbag Luggage Collection. The accessible pricing of this collection by Celine’s genius Pheobe Philo is sure to make this the most coveted collection of bags for the next year. I juts wonder how heavy these babies are, they look pretty heavy duty to me.

Handbags come in three sizes: mini, medium and oversized. Celine is a design label that is no stranger to bag conscious girls and women, and these boho designs and ultra-luxe creations are beyond drool-worthy.

According to Dazed Digital the Celine Luggage collection has been softened by a new, flat wave construction and is available in different variations of leather. Included is baby buffalo, suede, Mongolian lamb, smooth calfskin, thick collegiate-stripe flannel and as well as crocodile and python.

Well, checkout the Celine collection below. Does it remind you of Hermes Birkin? Prices for the Celine Luggage Collection start at around $1,700! Pricy, definitely, but certainly less than the classic Hermes Birkin. 😉

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