Precious Moments Fall Collection 2010 Lookbook by Sretsis

{YBA} Thai label Sretsis is determined to make us all gooey and squishy like a soft-centred chocolate. For anyone who’s ever had a porcelain Rococo figurine collecting dust on a bookshelf somewhere (Precious Moments, anyone?), there’s a certain tacky charm that we can’t get enough of. This collection by Sretsis  evokes that saccharine girliness with a cheeky sense of humor.

With hair and fabric billowing around each human figurine, this collection evokes a hard and soft dynamic—the pieces might be ethereal enough to dance around in an imaginary wind machine, but have got that refined porcelain perfection of strong lines and sleek cuts.

There’s a touch of Miu Miu (cats, anyone?) as well as a healthy dose of Marc, but these Sretsis girls have taught us perfecting that balance between ethereal and hard is definitely worth capturing in time.  Have a look “Precious Moments” Fall Collection 2010 clothing by Sretsis.

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