Rash on Nose

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  1. I am 24 year old woman. There is a rash on my nose, which refuses to go away. what can i do about it?

Nose Rash Causes

  • Very oily zone of skin – In this case excess oil and sticky dead skin cells, form blackheads and whiteheads appear as raised, granular rashes which clog the pores.
  • Rosacea – which is a reddish rash on the cheeks.

Home Remedies for Nose Rash

In case of oily zone

  • Try a facial scrub, at least twice a week.
  • Wash your face several times a day with a medicated soap.
  • Steam your nose or get it cleaned by a beautician every month.

In case of Rosacea

  • Avoid all types of hot and spicy food.
  • Avoid coffee.
  • Avoid to extreme climates.

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