Iraj Manzoor Top Pakistani Model Biography and Pictures Collection

Pakistani cute and lovely fashion model Iraj Manzoor is top demanding beauty queen. If you are her fan then you will be happy to see biography and personal life history.

Iraj Manzoor Life Information

Iraj Manzoor is a senior and super top model in Pakistan Fashion Industry. She was born in Karachi and her birthday or date of birth is not known. His age is now round about 40 and her height is 5′10″.

Iraj Manzoor Profile

If there is anyone who still manages to stir up a controversy or get eyebrows raised, it is Iraj Manzoor. In fact, with the passage of time and age, she has become more provocative than ever, so that all the other models seem to fade in comparison when it comes to a sensual image. Iraj’s face has adorned the cover of nearly every fashion magazine in Pakistan.

Iraj Manzoor Professional Success

Fashion model Iraj Manzoor worked very hard and with the passage of time gained immense fame. Due to her dedication and commitment with the work, Fashion model Iraj is now recognized as amongst the top Pakistani Fashion models, both at national and international level. She is still working day and night to maintain her high profile status in the Pakistani Showbiz Industry.

Iraj Manzoor Career Bio Data

Today, Iraj is one of the most sought-after faces in fashion. Not many people know her by name, but that is only because she has refused to digress from her profession into theatre, television and films.

Even as a newcomer, she refused to “mingle for work.” She wouldn’t hang out, attend midnight parties and hover around the right kind of patrons to get a certain project. Her motto was “hard work, fitness and exclusivity,” and it got her the respect she wanted.

Iraj Manzoor Personal Activities

Iraj quit smoking after years of being a chain smoker. She admits this to be her greatest achievement and warns newcomers against falling into a role which condones smoking, drugs, partying and affairs.

Iraj Manzoor says Quotes

Iraj has no qualms saying that she solely works for money now. If the commission is right, she gives it 100 per cent, never compromising on professionalism. “There are times when I need the money and I’ll do the shoot even though I hate the clothes. But that’s just part of the job”, syas Iraj.

Iraj Manzoor Marrige Info

And that’s Iraj for the world. She’s private, Vinnie probably being the only person she’s close to, and she claims to be culturally tuned, unlike the role she plays on stage. “I feel men treat me like a trophy. But I’m dying to be a mother, though I’ll never get married for that reason alone”, Iraj says about her marrige.

Iraj Manzoor Value and Quality

The talented Fashion model Iraj always pay attention on her health and fitness, along with her gorgeous looks. This might be the reason that Fashion model Iraj Manzoor looks attractive and hot in Fashion shows and on magazines covers.

Iraj Manzoor Pictures Gallery

Here in this picture gallery, we present a list of outstanding and hot pics of Iraj Manzoor that will take your breath away. We are quite sure that you will like this post. Let’s have a look at these images in detail.

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Pakistani Model Iraj Manzoor Pics

Fashionable Iraj Manzoor Fashion Model

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