With Best Compliments – Greetings SMS Collection

sms greetings are the easiest way to tell someone that how much you care about them. Whether you want to wish someone a good morning, good night, good day or good life, greeting text messages come to your aid always.

We have a very nice collection of some interesting, beautiful and unique latest sms greetings messages for friends text messages here. Let’s have a look at these latest sms collection in detail.

1. Days are too busy

hours are too few,

seconds are too fast,

but there is always time for me to say hello
to someone like you.

Keep Smiling and enjoy life!

2. Some flowers grow best in the sun

Some flowers grow best in the sun, others do well in the shade.
God plants us where we grow best and gives us lovedones to grow with. Gud Day!

3. Happiness keeps u Sweet

Trials Make u Strong;

Sorrows keep u Human;

Failure makes u Humble;

Success keeps u glowing

& God keeps u going!

God Bless U!

4. May each day

May each day of the coming year be vibrant and
New bringing along many reasons for celebrations.

5. Life is only traveled once

Life is only traveled once

Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory

Enjoy every moment, good or bad

Bcoz the gift of life is Life itself

Have a nice day!

6. Smile in pleasure

Smile in pleasure, smile in pain; Smile when trouble pours like rain; Smile when someone hurts U, Smile coz someone cares 4 U. Keep Smiling.

7. If life is a game

If life is a game, I wish you to win
If life is a journey, I wish you to walk on roses
If life is a joy, I wish you to always smile
Have a great n successful day!

8. The more u count your blessings

The more u count your blessings
The more blessings u will have, to count
I always do, and I count u as the nicest blessing
God Bless u each day
Have a nice day!

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