10 Most Useful Natural Black Hair Care Tips

Natural black hair is a very significant style statement as it enhances one’s beauty. It is difficult to maintain this natural black hair; hence it requires a lot of care and nourishment. Natural black hair has attracted many people since a large population is not blessed with it. If not taken care, the hair may lose its charm and beauty as well as affect the appearance of an individual.

Natural Black Hair Care

Some of the hair care tips which are recommended to maintain the black hair are as follows:

  1. Apply oil on the scalp and hair on a daily basis. Castor oil and oil sheen sprays provide instant sheen and softens the hair. For natural black hair care, apply warm oil and massage to stimulate oil production.
  2. Wash black hair once in one or two weeks as frequent washing can dry the hair and scalp more. This will reduce the minimum moisture in the hair and result in breakage and split ends.
  3. Apply leave-in conditioner after shampooing. This will detangle the hair, moisturize it and keep it smooth and manageable.
  4. Applying shampoo directly to the scalp is best avoided. Shampoos should be used depending on the hair nature. Shikakai powder is the best for washing hair as there are no chemicals. Instead using urad dal paste mixed with fenugreek powder is superb for hair wash.
  5. Amla is good to retain the luster and hair color, while the coriander leaves are good to tone the hair. Allow the water to fall from the top of the head. Oiling the hair once a week is a must. Trimming the hair once in two months in best to prevent the split ends.
  6. Avoid tying the hair tightly at the back and rubber bands causing damage to the hair should be strictly avoided. Eating vegetables, dark green fruits as well as orange fruits are good for hair growth.
  7. Use little heat while hair drying. Avoid using hot combs, curlers or rollers.
  8. Sleep in a satin pillow case or wrap your hair in a satin hair scarf before going to bed. This is one of the easiest tips to maintain natural black hair as satin material retains moisture.
  9. If your daily activities lead to sweating then avoid using shampoo on daily basis. Rinse your hair with water and use shampoo on occasions. Prefer mild shampoo with low pH level for natural black hair care.
  10. A hot oil rub once a week is enough and to avoid graying of hair apply henna powder mixed in curd, fenugreek powder, coffee, mint juice and basil juice. This should be applied and left for two hours. It will give the required dark color. This can be neatly washed with natural shampoo.

Due to all these features, black hair requires a lot more care than all other kinds of hair. Here are some great tips to help you take care of black hair efficiently, which well help to prevent hair damage to a great extent.

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