Create That Head Turning Look: Tape Hair Extensions

Now let’s be honest, almost every girl out there dreams of having longer or thicker hair! Why wouldn’t you want the option of having a THICK sexy pony tail, or have long bouncy waves covering your chest or extending half way down your back? This look is constantly splashed in front of us in magazines, on TV and in the Media. Many of us wonder how these women can have such gorgeous hair and the answer is quiet simple..Tape hair extensions!

There is absolutely no point in waiting years for your hair to grow long and thick if you want it now! If and when your hair gets to that length you may not even want it any more. Tape hair extensions can be installed in 30 minutes and if applied correctly can be undetectable as they are the most natural looking or all hair extension types. This is because a thin layer of hair is attached to each flat bond which is generally 4cm wide x 0.8cm high. The bond was designed so they sit flat to your head to avoid that visible bulkiness that you can get from other methods like clip in, the thin layer of hair prevents that ‘clumpy’ look you can get strand methods like micro bead and fusion.

I highly recommend Tape extensions to my clients who want extra length, volume or both 24/7. The beauty of them is that they are extremely light weight and comfortable to wear. After a few days you will almost forget you’re wearing them. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules to maintain the extensions and ensure they stay secure. I will list a simple guide at the bottom of this article.

Now I’ve been talking about length and volume.. But tape hair extensions are also very commonly used for adding color without damaging your natural hair! Coloring or bleaching your hair all the time is not ideal. With this method you can lighten, darken or add highlights to your hair in minutes! There is no better method for blending colors to match your natural highlighted shade, simply apply the correct two colours back to back and the results will be seamless. You can even achieve an ombre or balayage hair style without coloring your hair! This is something this I have mastered in my salon and its put a lot of smiles on my clients faces as they never thought they could jump on this trend J.

Simple care tips:

  • Only use hair extension shampoos & conditioners that are sulphate, oil, citrus, protein and alcohol free.
  • Do NOT condition on or close the bonds as this may cause slippage.
  • Brush your hair daily with a loop brush or detangler starting from the tips and work your way up.
  • For long lasting hair your extensions allow them to naturally dry as often as possible. To speed up this process I recommend wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel which will absorb most of the moisture.
  • Sleep with your hair in a loose bun or plait.


Sarah Rooke has been working as a professional hair stylist for the past 11 years. Her passion with using hair extensions in her freelancing job lead to her to starting her own supplier business: Whilst a master at all application methods, sarah still prefers using tape hair extensions. She works in hair salons, as a freelance hair stylist and does lots of stage work styling back stage at fashion shows around Australia.

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