10 Unbelievable Hair Extensions Care Tips

Hair extensions can help you transform your look and give you the hair that you’ve always wanted. However, their beauty will be short-lived if you don’t take care of them. But if you take good care of your hair there’s no reason why you should have any trouble with them and not be able to enjoy gorgeously thick, long hair for years to come. Therefore it will be in your best interest to take care of your extensions and follow these care tips to make sure they will last you for months to come.

The Most Important Hair Extensions Care Tips

  1. The first tip is to remove knots and tangles by brushing the extension out before you begin washing your hair. You are also going to want to use a quality shampoo and when you apply the shampoo to wash your hair rub it in a downward action.
  2. Do not allow hair extension bonds to come into contact with curling or flat irons. Avoid using any hot rollers because the hotness tends to touch the bonds, which can cause problems.
  3. Loosely tie back your hair each night before bed so that it doesn’t get tangled as you toss and turn in your sleep or during any other bedtime activities!
  4. Apply a mild leave in conditioner and comb through gently with a wide tooth comb.
  5. Gently does it! Shampoo and towel dry you hair with care, being sure not to rub the hairs together too roughly. Squeeze excess water out instead of ringing it.
  6. Moisturizing is a very big part of taking care of hair extensions. To help moisturize your hair you are going to want to use a leave in conditioner once you dry your hair. It is wise to use small amounts of this conditioner because this can cause your extensions greasy too.
  7. Comb your hair every night gently to remove any tangles and knots. It is best to use a looped brush which are specifically designed for hair extension care. This process should also be done before shampooing your extensions.
  8. Try braiding your extension hair at night before you sleep. This tends to prevent most tangling and knots. Also it gives your hair a bonus wave style in the morning after you undo the braid. This tip might add a minute or two to your bedtime routine but it can save you precious minutes in the morning and prevent the dreaded bad hair day.
  9. Only wear your hair extensions in a pony tail if they were created for that purpose. Other human hair extensions will start to fall out if they are tied into a pony tail.
  10. If you swim, make sure you shampoo and dry your hair immediately after you get out of the water. Do not swim in salt water! Make sure that the extension bonds do not remain wet for extensive time periods.

Most importantly, enjoy your long hair and relish in your sexy new look! If you want to know more damaged hair care tips, then follow these useful tips and enjoy with healthy hairs!

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