Have You Tried Curling Coils?

Well it was only a matter of time until an expensive visit to the local hairdressers for hair curls became a thing of the past.  Frizzy or tired, lifeless or limp hair? Girlfriends, why not try an inexpensive alternative like non damaging curling coils such as those from Girlz Curlz.

Curling coils are a wonderful new way of DIY hair curling. Now, you can obtain that bouncy, springy look for your lovely locks simply by using these revolutionary new curlers.

This great new invention comes in a variety of widths and lengths meaning you can select the right curler that will suit the exact type of curl you want.  Now, every girl can choose between tight spirals with perfect ringlets, or go all-out big, bold and have luscious big soft curls.  Imagine as you walk through the city crowds on your way to work being the envy of every hair fashionista in town.

The coils are made of a soft nylon material so they’re easy to apply, you can even do it yourself or with your friends, add a glass of bubbly and get yourself ready to party the night away. This type of curler works for all types of hair; from out of control frizzy hair to dry dull lifeless zombie hair.  Forget about using those old pass me down hot iron curlers granny wants you to use, these unique curlers will be great for your Gran too. She’ll be looking fabulous at 50 again.  No more singeing and burning hair accidents like them olden days.

If you are time poor and need curls in a hurry I suggest you apply a wet towel to your hair, add some mousse and blow dry your hair, this should take around 30 minutes to complete and voila, brilliant gorgeous curls.

Another unique method is using the curlers with wet hair, allowing the curls to set more effectively and having those boosted beautiful curls last longer.

Going one better, if you are using human hair extensions, you can simply curl the extensions yourself even before you attach them.  These packs come with a specially designed hook to lift the hair through the colourful curlers with half the curlers rolling clockwise and the other half rolling ant-clockwise each identified by colour (variations and different application types are good finds here: www.humanhairextensions.com.au). Apply to damp or wet hair and for a stronger hold you can use your favorite fashion gel or styling mousse.

If you wanted to go for curls that will last all week then I would recommend applying the curler coils last thing at night and simply sleeping with them in.  All you need to do is gently remove the curler coils from your hair in the morning and you will be ready to rock those rings.

Curly hair should be attainable for all ages but having little girls near hot irons is no idea of fun!  Preparing the little superstars for school plays or special performances will no longer be risky with curling coils.

But why take my word for it? Try it for yourself and see what you think. Check out your local hair accessories retailer and ask about curling coils.

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