Salma Hayek’s Huge Hairstyle Collection

{YBA} Salma Hayek Has different Hairstyle through the years, there is most famous big hairstyles collection and Which Hairstyles are Perfect for You?


Salma Hayek Voluminous Hair Long with Middle Part (2006)

Salma Hottest Voluminous Hair Short with Side Part (2010)

Center Parted Updo Steals the Spotlight
Salma Hayek Center Parted Updo Milkmaid Braids (2008)

Salma Hayek Center Parted Updo Low knot Hairstyle (2009)

Salma Hayek Headband Look Retro Waves Hair (2008)

Salma Hayek Headband Look Soft Up-do Hair (2009)

Salma Hayek High Bun Sleek Hair Styles (2005)

Salma Hayek High Bun Oversize (2010)

Salma Hayek Half Updo Shiny with Middle Part (2004)

Salma Hayek Most Flattering Long Hair Length Long (2008)

Salma Hayek Hair Length Flattering Bobbed (2010)

Salma Hayek Bangs Wispy Perfect Hair Trend (2006)

Salma Hayek Bangs Sideswept Haircut (2007)

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