Meaning of The Lotus Flower Tattoos

Tattoos are an ancient form of body art. For centuries, people of varied cultures have been indulging in this form of art. Tattooing one’s body is a very personal form of artistic expression. It is eternal, and is always close to that person, on his/her body. Whenever someone decides to get a tattoo done, they always choose a design that means something to them. A tattoo design could be something which guides them, and serves as a reminder of something important in their lives.

Nature tattoos have always been very popular with men and women. Among these, the lotus flower tattoo is one of the most frequently tattooed patterns. The lotus flower is a very important symbol in Asian cultures. In the Hindu culture, and in Buddhism, the lotus flower is held in high regard, and is considered scared. The lotus flower tattoo is also known as the water lily tattoo, sacred lotus tattoo and Indian lotus tattoo.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning

Lotus flowers are amazing flower that a have very deep symbolic meaning and solid ties to in the Asian religions. lotus flowers are seen as important symbolic flowers throughout Asia and India. Lotus flower has significant ties with both the Hindu religion and in the Buddhist religion. Therefore lotus flower tattoos often draw from this tradition and symbolic meaning.

Lotus flowers are truly at least because they start as a side deep down the bottom of a river in the muck and mud. Slowly as they grow the bud turns to the surface and starts to grow upwards towards the water and the sunlight. As it makes its journey to the surface of the water it stays bud and it grows a long root that goes back down to the murky body river floor. Once the lotus flower finally gets to the top of the water the bud begins to open up and reveal a beautiful flower inside.

Therefore the lotus flower in its journey towards the surface of the water is often symbolic for many religious traditions of the process of enlightenment. Much like the plot of the lotus flower Hinduism and Buddhism both believe that the soul must go through a process of enlightenment. Each person’s soul must work from the body murky bottom of the river up towards the top where it can receive sunlight. And just like the lotus flower bud the soul will make a similar journey and once it is released to the surface it will become a beautiful flower.

In modern times the lotus flower cut to hold many similar meetings to its original religious origins. Most into enthusiasts feel that the Lotus tattoo represents life as a whole. Just as the Lotus flower grows from the mud into an object of great beauty many feel that people go through this transformation also. This makes the lotus flower tattoo a popular symbol for anyone who’s gone through a hard time and is now coming out of it. Therefore it was lowered to two in its most basic level can represent the hard times in life that have been overcome and the beauty that is within.

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