25+ Outstanding Foot Tattoo Designs: Latest Tattoos Collection

The choice for many looking for a quality body art choice is not to get a tattoo on their lower back or upper arm, but instead to select foot tattoo designs that either wrap around the base of an ankle or extend down to the toes. These types of designs are more popular amongst women compared to men, resulting in a more common floral or animal theme rather than words or sayings.

Okay, in this post I have collected 25+ beautiful foot tattoo designs for your next tattoos on foot. You can take ideas for your feet tattoos from our foot tattoo designs for 2011. If you want other more tattoo designs then you can explore our tattoos gallery. Where you will get a huge collection of tattoo designs. I hope you will like these foot tattoos collection.

Foot Tattoo Designs For 2011 | Exclusive Photo Gallery

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