Selma Blair Stylish Short Hairstyle

{YBA} Selma Blair’s Short Bob Hairstyles, straight hair is cut just above chin length and curved forward on one side, framing her cheek and echoing the slope of her chin. On the other side her hair falls vertically from the end of her part, crossing the line of an under section that tucks behind the ear.

Short, layered bangs are angled over her forehead from an off-center part, the ends drawing a semi-circle just above and following the curve of her right eyebrow.

Hairstyle:           Bob
Hair Length:     Short
Hair Texture:    Straight
Fringe:               Bangs
Hair Color:        Dark Brown, most Black

In full profile this is almost a page boy style. It’s a competent semi-glam hairstyle, better from some angles than others, and well-suited to Hellboy’s celebrity red carpet.
Actress Selma Blair wears a rather stylized short bob haircut

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