How To Waxing At Home: Information and Guideline

Waxing at home can save a lot of money, as you probably already know getting a professional wax at a salon or spa can really add up especially when you tack on tip to the price of the service, and any tax your state might add. You may not need to buy each and every waxing product that the manufacturer says is required, but be able to use some items and ingredients you already have at home, to save even more.

Waxing is a hair removal method that involves lifting or removing hair from the follicle with either hot or cold wax. This method is effective for both small and large areas, such as the eyebrows, upper lips and legs. Physician Heather Brannon, M.D., of About, notes that waxing works especially well on large areas where you want a lot of hair removed quickly.

Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal methods presently used. If you find waxing at saloons to be uncomfortable you can try waxing yourself at home. Whoever thought of the brilliant idea of removing body hair by way of waxing definitely deserves a million thanks from all the ladies around the world. Here’s your guide to waxing your body hair at home using some homemade wax.

Types of Waxing:

The wax used is usually of two types: cold and hot.

  • A cold wax can be used without being heated. It is readily available in market, but is expensive. You may prepare home-made wax yourself. Take eight parts of sugar syrup and add one part lemon juice, one part mustard oil and two parts water. Brew it on medium heat for about 45 minutes. When the mixture turns brown in color, remove it from the flame and add a little glycerin. Let it cool.
  • Honey can also be used to make hot wax. For this take five spoonfuls of honey, and add one spoonful of lemon juice and heat for 30 minutes on a medium flame. Remove it from the heater and add a little glycerin.

Tips for Waxing At Home:

  • The skin must be cleansed by a cleansing cream before waxing.
  • You must use unheated milk in case cleansing cream is not available.
  • Creamy milk should not be used because it further accentuates the growth of unwanted hair.
  • Use a clean towel to wipe the skin, and while spraying talcum powder, massage it very gently.
  • If the thick roots of hair cause pain, then use cold cream for massage before waxing. This will soften the roots.
  • Apply hot wax on the skin with a knife towards the direction of the growth of hair.
  • Use a thin cloth as a bandage on it so that the cloth sticks to the skin.
  • Now pull the cloth with a jerk in opposite directions of the roots of hair. The hair will stick to the cloth and come out with the root.
  • The container of wax should be kept in another utensil full of warm water so that the wax remains hot and melted during the process.
  • Waxing should preferably be done in an air-conditioned room or under a fan; otherwise the wax will not stick to the hair due to sweat.
  • Even a cooler does not help as the moisture from it prevents proper waxing.

Immediately after waxing, the skin should be lightly massaged with lanolin-cream or a skin tonic. This will make the skin smooth and silky.

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