Shaving Tips for Women: Removal of Unwanted Body Hairs

Shaving is a personal choice. It is not necessary for anyone to shave (there’s no medical evidence saying it’s proper or more sanitary). However, many people remove hair from their bodies for comfort, aesthetics, fun, or sexual, cultural, or religious reasons. Hair removal has a long history. It did not (contrary to several rumors I’ve heard floating around) originate in America or with prostitutes.

Women shaving their pubic hair is different than using the razor on legs or underarms. You need a bit more patience and care because of this sensitive zone and thicker hair type. While you might be able to get away with a ‘hurry up and get it done job’ with other areas, but not this one. Here we will show you how to get a close, safe shave while avoiding common problems like nicks and ingrown hairs.

Any kind of shaving tips for women is the last thing on our mind. Shaving is kind of like driving, We just unconsciously get to where we want to go, which in this case, is hopefully clean and smoothly shaved. The following are perfectly good and yet simple shaving tips for women.

The Basics of Female Shaving:

One of the most basic and important shaving tips for women, how to avoid irritation, ingrown hairs and nicks is the liberal use of warm water.  Warm water moistens the skin and allows the hairs to become softer and more pliable, making it much easier to get a closer, cleaner shave.

Shaving naturally exfoliates the skin and if the razor becomes clogged with hair and dead skin, the woman is at a greater risk of cuts, nicks and irritation, so using plenty of warm water and frequent rinsing is of the utmost importance.

Choose Your Shaving Cream Wisely:

For this sensitive body zone be sure to get and use a good shaving cream or gel, using soap is definitely out. The art of shaving, shaving cream for women (compare prices) is phenomenal for getting a smooth shave, moisturizing skin and preventing ingrown hairs.

Choosing a Razor:

In all cases, go for quality, not the best bargain you’ll pay for using cheap razors with razor burn, irritation, soreness and nicks. If you’re going to shave regularly, invest in an electric razor if at all possible. Choose a reputable brand, like Braun or Remington. Except for male facial shaving or shaving your head, get the kind with the blades behind a perforated foil, not the rotary kind with three rotating circles. There are all sorts of doohickeys to choose from, like pop-up trimmers or adjustable heads. Look around and find what’s best for your uses!

If you plan on using it in the shower or bath, make sure they’re made to be used there, waterproofed and so on, so you don’t electrocute yourself. If possible, get one that you can use along with shaving gel/cream/foam. I use a Panasonic Wet/Dry Smooth Operator ladies shaver, and like it a lot. If you go with a conventional razor, again, go for quality. If possible, get the ones with moisturizing strips and “micro fins” or cushions and other doodads. They really do help in terms of extra protection. Replace the disposable blade often.

How to Shave Properly:

The best way to get a close smooth shave and to say goodbye to nicks, cuts, scrapes and razor burn is to start with good quality equipment.  A sharp blade on a razor is the most important thing a woman needs when trying to get the best shave possible.

  • Do not shave dry skin. Wet your skin and let the moisture soften your skin. Shaving is a natural exfoliator and if your skin is dry, your razor will get blocked with dead skin and you are likely to nick yourself as well.
  • Do not waste money by buying creams specially made for women, as they are almost the same as those made for men.
  • To find the perfect razor you will just have to use all those available and choose the one that you like best. You can ask your friends who shave to recommend razors. Look for a razor with lubricated strips, pivoting heads and spring mounted multiple blades.
  • Exfoliate before you shave to ensure that the dead skin cells do not clog your razor and prevent a close shave.
  • For your legs you will have begin shaving from your ankles and then work upwards. For your underarms you will have to shave in every direction as hair grows in every direction under your arm.
  • After you have finished shaving apply oil or moisturizer. The skin on your leg has few oil glands and hence may become dry.
  • When hair curls back under the skin it caused ingrown hairs. To avoid ingrown hairs exfoliate everyday and use a glycolic acid body lotions.
  • If you have a chronic case of ingrown hairs then use a lotion that is specially made for ingrown hairs, that is easily available at the chemists. Apply it in the morning and at night and the bumps will vanish within a few days.
  • If you shave your legs coarse hair will grow back fast. Therefore consider waxing your legs at least.

A Few Advice:

  • Some women have noted genital sensitivity during menstruation. If shaving becomes uncomfortable for women during their periods, they should time pubic shaving around their menstruation cycle.
  • People who are allergic and react to some shaving creams. This area seems to have heightened sensitivity. Furthermore, if it does react, your natural sweat and the natural abrasion this area receives will most likely make your life miserable (temporarily). Use hypoallergenic shaving creams or consider avoiding shaving all together.
  • If shaving does irritate your skin, waxing may not cause as much irritation or in grown hairs.

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