Underarm Hair Removal – 5 Possible Solutions

Underarm hair also called auxiliary hair or armpit hair refers to the composition of hair in the underarm area. Both men and women develop underarm hair during puberty. Though they are completely normal, in modern times, many people consider underarm hair unsightly and prefer to have them removed through methods such as shaving, waxing or laser hair removal.

Whether or not you wear sleeveless dresses, removing underarm hair is quite important for a number of reasons. Firstly, of course, it isn’t very aesthetically pleasing to see a thick growth of hair under the arms ruining your overall appeal, especially with sleeveless dresses. Apart from the aesthetic point of view, this hair growth causes some other problems as the sweat remains trapped in the hair thus helping the odor causing bacteria to survive and flourish in your armpits.

Underarm hair can turn out to be a highly embarrassing issue. If the growth is thick and fast, it can lead to the problem of bad odor. Hence underarm hair removal techniques are solutions to battle this problem of growth of dense hair in the armpit. This has led to the development of several high-end products that are dedicated to underarm hair removing; creams, razors, wax, and other electronic tools. Underarm hair is relatively thick and coarse. In the past, it might be have been difficult to attempt it at home. However, there are various advanced and proven methods of underarm hair removal that will assist you in your fight with this problem.

Underarm Hair Removal By Shaving:

Of course I had to mention this. One of the easiest ways to deal with underarm hair removal is to just shave it off.  Now do note that hair in this area grows in many different directions, so you may need to stroke the shaving razor up, down, left and right to get all the hairs and get a decent shave.

It’s also important to note that you should not be applying deodorants or antiperspirants after shaving as that will only cause irritation.  If you’ve been shaving for a while, you can also try adding a thin layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly in place of shaving foam as it will lead to an even closer shave.

Underarm Hair Removal By Tweezing:

Tweezing forcefully removes hair from its follicle and is painful, although the pain level is tolerable. Since the underarm is not a large area of hair, this method of underarm hair removal is still effective, giving a smooth hair free skin that lasts several days. A disadvantage is that hair has to grow out a little before it can be successfully gripped by tweezers and removed. Skin will be itchy during hair growth.

Underarm Hair Removal By Depilation:

Depilation is another method that removes hair above the skin. Popular depilatories include hair removal creams and gels. Some new products use technologies such as radio wave to kill or disable hair follicles.

Hair removal creams and gels are popular for underarm hair removal because compared to laser treatment, they are cheap and convenient to use. Hair can be removed quickly and are available in various forms such as rub-on lotions and roll-on gels.

Underarm Hair Removal By Waxing:

A very popular method of underarm hair removal is waxing. Here warm wax is spread over the area and after it cools down, the wax is pulled off which brings out unwanted hair. It is effective for the short-term but can also be quite painful.

Underarm Hair Removal By Electric Tweezers:

Here’s a new form of underarm hair removal for you to try. Although these have been on the market since the mid 1980’s, they haven’t really become popular until the last decade or so. Electric tweezers work by grasping at your hair and pulling it up very quickly, once per cycle of the head. This is used much like a regular electric shaver, except this time around the machine is not cutting the hair, but pulling it up and out of the skin.

It can be a tough process to get used to though and at times the epilitators as they’re called may break the hair rather than pull it out, however with continued use, you will eventually get to all hairs and be left with much smoother skin thanks to it.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful in your quest for underarm hair removal methods. Due keep in mind that these electric tweezers as well as other solutions like depilatories are available on the Internet if you do a bit of searching.

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