Natural Hair Removal Useful Methods

We spend more time on our hair than on any other portion of our body. We do several procedures to make them look beautiful and healthy. Many of us have too little hair, others have too much in the wrong places. Ingrown hairs are also common around the upper, inner thigh.

Excessive hair growth on the face is particularly troublesome to some women. This may be the result of some hormonal disturbances. Tumors arising in the ovaries, adrenal glands and other endocrine organs have sometimes contributed to this problem. But in most neither cases there is nor specific cause for excessive growth of hair. Hair growth is directly related to estrogen levels, hormones and ancestry.

When we meet a person, the first thing that we notice is his/her face, including eyes, nose, lips and even skin. This is the main reason why people always want to have clean and spotlessly clean skin. Apart from pimples, acne, blackheads, whiteheads and so on, women have to face an additional problem, as compared to men as far as facial attractiveness is concerned.

This problem comprises of natural hair. While for men, natural hair make up one of the features of their masculinity, for a woman, they form a major source of embarrassment. If you are a woman and suffer from the problem of natural hair, help is at hand now. Read on and explore the various options for natural hair removal.

Natural Hair Removal Methods:

For centuries we have been using all kinds of methods to remove unwanted hair. Some of these techniques are still being used today such as waxing and sugaring. Check out some of the safest and most natural ways we can use to remove unwanted hair.


  • Warmed wax is evenly applied to a section of skin. A cloth is then applied over the waxed area, rubbed to adhere to the wax and quickly pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Pulling those unwanted hairs out by the roots. It is a process that’s gets easier with practice.
  • As you probably guessed or have heard, it can be painful. Some say with time they get used to it. Salons have found that if their clients can relax and not tense up it has been reported they feel less pain. The problem with waxing is that it grabs a hold of the skin and the hair which can cause redness, irritation and is believed to damage skin tissue which can cause wrinkles.
  • Look for products with safe, natural ingredients.
  • Cloths can be reused on several sections.
  • Pre-waxed cloths that are warmed and applied are available simplifying the process.
  • Results last from 6 to 8 weeks but you will have to wait until you have at least 1/2 inch hair growth before you can wax again.
  • Requires both pre and post skin treatments to prepare skin and minimize skin damage.
  • Many women are quite satisfied with this method of natural hair removal which can be done at home or in a salon and can be very affordable.


Technique for application and removal of this natural hair remover is similar to waxing. Not as painful to remove. There are no waxes in these products to grab the skin. The sugars stick to the hair not the skin making them gentler and less irritating. But you’re still pulling hair out so it’s still going to hurt. Some say sugars are not as effective as waxing leaving some stubborn hair behind. Natural ingredient products are easily found. You are more likely to find very safe ingredients in this method of natural hair removal.

Cloths used in sugaring are washable and reusable making them more cost effective. Effects last about the same amount of time as waxing. Needs a post moisturizing treatment for best effect. Also can be done at home or in a salon.


By far the easiest and most inexpensive natural hair removal method. If you use recyclable razors and natural or organic shaving creams or soaps it can be environmentally friendly and good for your skin.

We all know the drawbacks, razor nicks and irritation especially in sensitive areas. The effects of shaving don’t last as long as waxing or sugaring. Since the hair is cut off at the skin level, the cut edge of hair growing back in creates a stubbly affect. But you don’t have to wait for hair to grow to a certain length before shaving again. Like all the other hair removal techniques your skin benefits from a good natural, organic moisturizer.


This method is one of the original natural hair removal methods and is most effective on small areas on the face. It is especially good for use around the eyes where you really don’t want to be using harmful chemicals like those found in depilatories or even waxes or sugars that can cause irritation or damage to facial tissue.

It does require someone skilled in this practice. It is a technique that is available at salons because it is such a safe and effective way to shape eyebrows and remove hair.

Basically, a cotton thread is rolled and twisted along the skin which traps hair and lifts it out by the root. Apparently in the hands of a professional it produces more control and better results than tweezing. The whole process should take no longer than ten minutes and I have found salons charging as little as ten dollars for effects that last from anywhere from 3 or 4 days to weeks depending on speed of hair growth. This just might be the best way to get beautifully shaped eyebrows for a special occasion.


This is an old natural hair removal method that is fast, inexpensive and effective for small areas on the face. It is mostly safe with minimal irritation but it is easy to get carried away and overdo.

Hurts a little or a lot if you work too quickly and grab skin and hair. I have done this more than once and this sure hurts. It causes redness and on occasion I have broken the skin, I really was working too quickly . And it can be hard to establish a good line. Although you can find templates to hold up to your eyebrows to provide a shaping guide.


If you have sensitive skin, please consult a physician or dermatologist before trying this hair removal method.

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