Best Ways On How To Remove Chest Hair

Chest hair grows in women, but are more common in males. Some women find it sexy especially if they see actors with hairy chests on TV, while others find it unhygienic. Some of those who do not find chest hair attractive hate it because touching a hairy chest is touching a rough chest. You may be one of the people who do not find hairy chest sexy because the roughness is simply irritating. Aside from that, it is not a surprise that any hair can be a breeding ground for lice and a congestion area for dust particles, which is why getting rid of chest hair is a must.

Not all everyone welcome hair on specific areas of their bodies, particularly on the chest. Chest hair is viewed by many as an indication of manhood. Alternatively, when hair is missing, the muscles are more evident. Some men find it very bothersome and unsightly. As a result, there are men who are pleases to wear their chest hair while some would do anything possible to get rid of them forever.

It is not normal for women to grow chest hair but some women do. This is as a result of hormonal imbalances also called hirsutism. This can cause a lack of self confidence and decreased self worth in these women. Because it is not ladylike to have hair all over the chest, these women will absolutely embrace any technique to free them of this unnecessary hair. There are a number of ways on how to remove your chest hair and here are as follows:


The most common way of removing chest hair is by shaving (Learn how to shave properly). Shaving is easy because all you need to do is get a razor and run it on your chest. If you want the fastest, most convenient, easiest and most affordable way to get rid of chest hair, then shaving is the answer. Then again, the drawback of shaving is that you have to do it on a regular basis because chest hair grows real fast. You surely need patience when dealing with chest hair through shaving.

When shaving, you need to relax and not rush at all because if you get too excited, you may cause cuts and wounds on your chest. If you are not confident in using your regular razor, you should have an electronic shaver. An electronic shaver is not only more efficient. It also helps you save more time and effort. Don’t forget to apply warm water before shaving. It opens the pores of your skin, making it easier for you to remove chest hair. You can also apply shaving gels or creams that work the way warm water does. The best shaving gels and creams are those that are hypoallergenic.


Waxing can successfully free the chest of unnecessary hair but it is an excruciatingly painful process and the outcome will only last for a few weeks. In this technique, a wax is smeared to the chest covering all noticeable hairs. The wax is normally heated. After it has been totally applied, a strip is pressed firmly on the chest and then it is ripped sharply away from the chest. The hairs are pulled straight out of the roots leaving the chest smooth and silky for up to 8 weeks. In spite of this, waxing comes with many drawbacks.


Plucking is painful and time consuming, but it is as convenient and as affordable as shaving because all you need is a pair of tweezers. Shaving is cutting chest hair from the surface of the chest skin, while plucking is taking every strand from the root. If you can tolerate the pain that plucking causes every time you pull each strand from your chest, then why not go for it?

Then again, plucking is not a good recommendation in wiping out your chest hair. Chest hair is not like the hair under your arms or on your eyebrows. You cannot count the strands, which is why pulling each strand through plucking is definitely a torture. Unless you want to remove some of your chest hair especially if you want to eliminate the dead, discolored or unproportional strands, then the tweezers can be your friend. The growth of chest hair when plucked is slower than that of the shaved chest hair.


Using this technique, a mixture is made by mixing sugar and lemon juice and other natural ingredients. The procedure is like waxing. In that, the mixture is spread all over the chest and then ripped off sharply to eliminate hairs straight from the roots.

Laser Hair Removal:

If you dislike to shave or cannot tolerate the pain and messiness faced by the other techniques, then laser technology is the choice for you. Although costly, this is the best choice to eliminating chest hair forever. It successfully works to leave chest smooth and silky for longer periods than any of the above-mentioned choices. Because of the major advancements in laser technology, the process is safer and less painful than ever before. The major disadvantage to using laser technology is that if you should be displeased with the outcome you cannot reverse the damage.


Another modern method that makes use of electronic technology is electrolysis. Through electrolysis, hair roots are killed by passing an electric current to the hair. Electrolysis offers permanent results. Just like laser hair removal, it also takes frequent trips to the salon for sessions when you are under treatment.

Electrolysis usually done on small areas such as underarms, eyebrows and sometimes, above your lips. One session of any of these small areas can last for about 4 to 15 hours. People who have experienced going through electrolysis say that the process is painful and has some effects on the skin (scarring, skin drying and scabbing). You can now imagine how long it will take for you to remove your chest hair. If you are willing to wait, then you won’t have problems with electrolysis. Electrolysis makes use of advanced methodologies and it is no wonder that it is an expensive way of removing chest hair.


  • If you exfoliate your skin often, it prevents razor bumps.
  • To achieve a smooth and completely hairless look, choose to wax or use a depilatory.

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