Underarm Hair Removal Methods and Techniques

Underarm hair removal is an essential and vital concern for many people now days especially among women since its presence can easily become a great source of embarrassment and makes them look unattractive and less feminine. Fortunately though, there are certainly a lot of underarm hair removal solutions on the market today. Let’s go ahead and take a look at a couple of them.

Now one of the most common underarm hair removal solutions out there are actually the conventional and traditional ones. Waxing and tweezing are usually the solutions preferred among women since shaving typically does not yield satisfying and neat results. They also have the tendency to make underarm hair grow at a faster rate.

The problem with tweezing though is that it’s certainly time consuming since you actually have to pluck out each hair individually and it’s not something that you can typically do on your own efficiently. Waxing would be the most common traditional solution although it’s a relatively painful once since it does involve ripping strips of wax along with the unwanted hair growth.

Underarm Hair Removal Methods

Underarm Hair Removal by Shaving:

Shaving your underarm hair is inexpensive and convenient. But the main drawback is underarm hair removal by shaving actually somewhat temporary. In reality, hair will start to grow back again the very next day and that’s why shaving underarm has to be frequent.

To achieve the most effective results from shaving underarm hair, always scrub your skin firstly. This can be done cheaply by running a loofah sponge. Additionally, only use shaving cream or soap to shave, never think about dry shaving. Always be certain you employ a sharp razor blade. This is important because employing a blunt razor increases probability of receiving razor burn or razor bumps.

Furthermore, always shave in direction of growth of hair. This is a good suggestion to avoid the appearance of razor burn and to receive to a close shave. Make sure spend some time and do not rush shaving, to prevent from cutting your skin needlessly. Lastly, moisturize right after shaving to restore important skins oils.

Underarm Hair Removal by Waxing:

Waxing is a great method of armpit hair removal. This method is more long lasting than other methods and also takes away some darkening from your armpits. However it is slightly painful till you get used to waxing your armpits. As a rule, always go to a salon the first time you wax your armpits to see how you should do it. You may end up with a bad burn otherwise.

Your armpits should be cleaned well with soap before you attempt armpit hair removal. The best time to wax your armpits is when your hair is less than 0.5cm long. The wax should always be applied in the same direction as the hair growth and the cloth should be pulled in the opposite direction to avoid irritation to the skin. Lastly, you should apply a moisturizing lotion to your skin after waxing since the skin on your armpits is very sensitive.

Underarm Hair Removal By Tweezing:

Tweezing forcefully removes hair from its follicle and is painful, although the pain level is tolerable. Since the underarm is not a large area of hair, this method of underarm hair removal is still effective, giving a smooth hair free skin that lasts several days. A disadvantage is that hair has to grow out a little before it can be successfully gripped by tweezers and removed. Skin will be itchy during hair growth.

Underarm Hair Removal By Laser:

One of the most advanced hair removal options today is through laser or IPL. Although these two underarm hair removal techniques use different sources, both methods allow for a convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair from the root. Home laser removal kits are already available, but best results can be expected when these methods are done professionally.

However, laser or IPL hair removal, as of today, only works for light-skinned individuals with dark hair as these lasers target dark-colored pigments (melanin) from the hair follicle. Your hair removal clinic should be able to advice you on specific instructions when going through laser hair removal.

Hair Removal Using Creams:

Under arm hair removal creams (depilatory creams) can be purchased at reasonable price at any pharmacy. The benefits of using underarm hair removal creams for armpit hair removal because it is very simple to use and it takes couple weeks for underarm hair reappear.

The downside is the skin under your armpits is sensitive and could cause mild skin irritation which may rather uncomfortable. When you use these creams, always stick to the companies guidance, and if uncertain test a modest amount of cream on the less sensitive part of skin first. After using the creams it is good to apply a moisturizing cream because chemicals included in hair removal creams can be hard for the skin.

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